Wednesday, October 6, 2010

70 mph storm went through my neighborhood

By the time the porch windows were opened and I walked into the bedroom the bed room windows were about to break  

It went from 95* plus to 50* plus with 5-10 minutes
So yesterday I was praising God clapping thanking him for the rain as it began.

Well it rained harder and harder within a 2 minute time dumping!

The wind and rain were literally horizontal. Hail at the front door

running to the front door pouring!

 These are shots in sucession
watch the street

within a 5 minute time line

 The water was white water. Thank God my home sits on high ground. I learned that yesterday.
This is at the end of my drive way. The rain stopped instantly.
 Looking up my street.
The homes of the other believers (Christians) on the other side of the street received VERY little damage if any. All around the community every 4th house or so had fell trees and roof damage.
We were fine only the tarp on the canopy received some tears in it.
We had just trimmed the big tree last weekend or so.

As I walked to the corner. White water.

That is my white truck to the left.

my truck to the right

the junction where the cross street merges 3 houses don the street

3 homes down from me

this is the bus stop corner

Looking up the street toward my home. My home is on the right 4houses up.

the middle of the street. Ya I know but I am adventurous like that

toward the north at the bus stop (kids school bus stop)

Walking home this corner house is across the street, one house at the diagonal.

my neighbor directly across she sustained minor roof dammage

Within 30 minutes we have amazing drainage on my street!

Please pray for my neighbor. She has surgery today. She only lost two roof tiles
 This sweet Sister in Christ has a husband who is in full care home with Alzheimer's.
In the facility they have what is called Sun downers. They scream, band and throw things at night. Scares her poor in-cognoscente husband so bad he shakes. She is really hurting so bad.

My back yard, pea size hail. Up north it was gulf ball size.

flooded the back yard, no biggy.

hail under my windows

I took a drive around the neighborhood close by

down at the park well talk more about this later

oh these poor souls

ripped the center out of this tree. Some say it may have been a funnel cloud spotted

 I went in and dried the window seals. For the first storm with the windows in the living room open only for 2 minutes and the wind hit that hard. It had even gotten into the window seal and the floor was wet. (minor)

So just an hour after the first storm I was talking to Steve on the phone...I told him "here it cames again!"
He said "surly it will be no big thing the big one passed"

this within one or two shutter flashes

 This is the second river flow of the day...It happened one more time just after Steve got home from work just as bad again. Three in one days time less than a 5 hour window.
This door is very recesses and it got soaked. That how hard the wind was blowing.

this is the second time the corner flooded within an hour and a half

These guys that live down the street will have lots of work this week.

remember second time in less than two hours

 The kids get home and the rain had stopped just for them for about 20 minutes We kids :) have to play in the rain. So after all the flood through you just know my streets are clean.
Steve gets home and a third time it hits. The kids play in the rain. 
Over the week end we had filled our raft to sell it. No one called on it and it was filled in the garage. This raft takes a long time to fill. But there it was begging a fun time.

 This is only 2-3 feet deep. The water retention field below the park. 
They had a ball!

 It was so funny Dove was singing some old Huckleberry Fin song
They were trying to row. Note they were just going in circles.

I love this shot!

Dove is a crazy kid!

They even had three mallard ducks join them

I turned around and note how fast the sky was blue again.
We had another rain over night. They say on average our little area had three inches in the afternoon. Thats not including what ever we had in the night. That retention lake was empty this morning. I really must hand it to the enginers who designed our neighborhood. The drainage was truly amazing.

All this and a good bit of adventure. 
Our home....


Debbie said...

Donetta, you truly captured the storm in photos! I was driving on the 101 when it suddenly began pouring so hard and hailing. It was hard to see the road and so traffic immediately slowed down. I got a few photos but nothing like you did. I love the photo you loved. :)

We didn't get flooding like your neighborhood did. You have such a heart for others. I love that you share a prayer request for your neighbor who is going in for surgery and dealing with a husband who is not well himself. I just said a prayer for them.

Hugs to my Arizona neighbor,

Denise said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the pictures sis, so glad you, your family, and your home are safe. Praying for your neighbor, and her husband.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word.....what a storm. so glad you had no damage to your home...and the kids had some fun. :)

JUST A MOM said...

DONETTA!!!!!!!! I COULD NOT GET PAST THE REST OF YOUR PICTURES FAST ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW PATTY HER HUBBY IS MY FAVORITE RESIDENT HE IS MY BUDDY!!!! OHMY GOSH GOD PLACES PEOPLE IN WEIRD PLACES!!!!!!!! believe me he is very safe with us my co-worker and I watch over him sooooooooooooooo close he does fine,,, he is in no harm and we make sure of that!!!!!!CAN'T BELIEVE IT WHEN I SAW HER PICTURE I SAID"SHUT UP I KNOW HER"!!!!! WOW WEIRD!!!!!

Denise said...

What a fun post!!!!!! Loved all the pictures! Thankful that you were spared any damage! The photo's of the kids in the water are priceless! You will look back on those one day and have great joy in those memories......

Beautiful weather here, I am digging in the dirt. It is good for the soul....

Sending Thursday smiles and a big hug!

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