Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Introducing, Our New Plan!

Menu Plan Monday

yum! Vanilla bean in the sugar jar.
We are implementing a new method that is based on four lists.
 Not limited to, but a every day thing. Many other foods as well.
Every day we will eat
Carrots (raw baby carrots are very sweet the kids love them.)
green leafy vegetable (this week Kale fine chop in the rice, savoy .)
whole grain (bread, cookies,waffles we do not really like store bought cereals)
fruit (soft fruits eat them first oranges toward weeks end)
Green tea (we will work on getting one we like)
Three times a week we will eat
oily fish (this week salmon, sword fish and some shrimp. I also eat tuna and sardines)
Sweet potato (we love them, we also have three types of winter squash)
avocado ($$)
yogurt  ( I'll start making my own again)
broccoli (raw of course :)

only 1 time per week
red meat (other days chicken, beans,fish)
pasta (Steve hates pasta, kids love it)
desert (fruits are a wonderful center here, also healthy ones the kids do not need to know)
(alcohol) we don't drink so not an issue for us

zero times per week
fast food
soda (exception Club Soda)
diet anything
canned soups

Eating breakfast EVERY DAY!

To accomplish the goal when shopping the one time a day foods were considered. 4 (four of us) x7 portions of fruits were sure to be available. Like wise and so on I shopped. When returning home the menu was set by what might expire first. Each every day item set on board, then the three times a week and so on. So far it is a far better method. We also have reduced our meat to a 1/4 pound portion per person. We are filling up on the veggies, nuts and fruits. The meat is like an accent to the meal rather than the center of it. Now the other ingredients fill in. My rice and such. It is working wonderfully!

The produce was tended as per good habits for keeping things fresh.

The kids are not fussing so much either for the veggies are mostly served in a raw or lightly cooked way as normal. Just more of them. Nuts are added. Walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, pecans, peanuts YUM! These are all in a container available at a moments notice in the refrigerator.


Susie said...

What great resolutions:-)

Denise said...

Long email coming your way tonight.. Love you girl.. I need to share where my life is today.. so many emotions so many changes....

LisaShaw said...

Hi friend,

Love that you are organized and eating healthy for you and your family. I love the photo of your precious daughter!

Love, prayers and a healthy happy autumn.

e-Mom said...

Excellent! We try to eat this way too. I love our weekly salmon, LOL, even though e-Dad is tired of it!

I drink green tea every day. Twinings brand is THE best... try it, you'll love it. So much better than Stash. (You can get it over at my kitchen site if you want:

I never did enjoy sodas or cereal. You are a healthy family!

Blessings, e-Mom

P.S. I like your Titus 2 blog heading. ღ

Denise said...

Sounds great sis.

Annette said...

MAN!!!! see what happens when I dont come by, I miss out on so much...
I'm trying to be more healthier in my cooking around here too and you know they, meaning family, seem to like it, WoW!! the rain you guys had, I heard about it on the news, yip it made the news out here...I wish I could of been there, I just love that kind of weather but dont like the damage it does, I so enjoyed looking at the pictures of Mr. Dash & Miss. Dove in the boat, they looked like they enjoyed one another, when I saw the pictures I seriously thought about your little hens, don't ask me why, just did, funny thing I know cause GOD takes care of all his little creatures....


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