Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday *flower seed inventory*

Welcome to my office

Today after a mile morning walk in the spectacular beginning of Fall. A rainy night moist morning with beautiful clouds.  We have been walking in the evening as well. A mile last night too! Speed walking for 3/4 0f it.
So after my return a pot of tea, Jasmin and some Ezekiel bread with soy cream cheese and some raspberry jam I was set.
Far from the everyday cubical I live like a czar and am so grateful for it.

 It is the time week just before the new moon.
So after the 7th the annuals need to get in.
So what is an annual, which seeds are annuals and where do they want to go to thrive best?

Time to STUDY to show my flower gardens approved when the day comes to bud.
Over at BEE BLISS GARDENS BLOG I will go into the process a bit more.
My heart thrives on planting flowers and nurturing life. 
My own and those around me. Unfortunately I have been a bit too needful of late to be nurturing my own. Many of you dear hearts have been neglected by me. I do think so often of each of you through out my days and do ask for my Abba to hold and help you.

The old palm was removed last month after a few years of saving up for it.
YA! It is out of there. It was a queen ann palm and non to happy about it's life.
We are not fans of fan palms or any other palms for that matter.

This is what my heart drew it's labors toward this morning.
Folks like me JUST HAVE to create flower beds.

The iris were dug up, they will go to the left as per the love of the full sun.
Some study will go into the placement of the perannual to be placed at the end of the month.
The annuals will need to get in the week of October 7th. So the soil must kiss a pick ax. A load of earth over on the side yard will get screened. With it and a bit of compost there just may be enough soil on site to complete this for free. I am so very excited.
Yes my back is tired. Lunch break now over I bid you all a fabulous day. Indoor tasks are next.


Susie said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL office!!!

Amrita said...

Hi Czarina (smile). Your house and garden are indeed praiseworthy an d you put in a lot of hard work and planning into it.

I like the pebbles you have spread in your garden, that keeps the grass out I guess???

Denise said...

Very nice tackle.

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