Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Try This Tuesday

See how nicely Dove set the table. I just had to ask her and she did so. They so look forward to our supper time together.

Try This Tuesday

Well now ya all gunna think I just went daffy until you hear me out

Two weeks ago While sitting round the supper table, I began to tell the family of this horrid idea I had heard one of the young moms share at Bible study. I had not introduced as such , but was just begining to express it.
So I began to tell them about this idea for the supper table.
You park a little pig on the table and at supper time he takes turns visiting the person who does a manners error. That person is then the only one allowed to pass the piggy on to the next guy.
They Loved it!
I was so startled.
Now every night for two weeks they eagerly set the table in anticipation of passing on the piggy and winning the game.
Now if supper is over ...
if you got the piggy you clear the table!
Wow you should see them put the supper down.
They finish a bite before speaking too!

Now my sensibilities were offended at the idea of this game.
My family showed me how fun it is.
We count unkindness as a error so noone is able to make fun of anyone else or they get passed the piggy.
Funny thing is .
Sorry MILove...Daddy Man is the main offender of talking with food in his mouth and has had to clear the table more than not.
He too ....will not allow me to clear it he said..."She made supper she should not have to clear the table, we owe her that much"

This is my little piggy, he is almost 25 plus? years old.
I have had him all his little life.

Foot note he is delicate

So the kids even take care now to handle him very gently.
Great for the fine motor control issues both of my kids manage.

Join us at 5 minutes for special needs kids


Denise said...

That is such a cute idea.

Cale said...

Totally awesome. Think I could get my dorm-mates to agree? Last one to make a manners error carries the trays? Perhaps if we used the school mascot...

Trish said...

The table looks great, and I really like the pig idea. I'm sure I would have had the same initial reaction as you, so I'm glad to hear how much the family likes it!

Thanks for participating in TTT! (Trish from 5MFSN)

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