Monday, December 15, 2008

I don't want to go to school,I want to stay with you...

6 a.m. the door to my bedroom opens and the chant began, as my sweet son cuddles up next to me.
It is Monday morning. His Monday's are like this every week.
This morning an opposing peace came to banish the early morning stress. I just kissed his head and we both dozed back off. His hair so soft as I stroked his head.
The snooze alarm again chimes in. I kiss him, Mommy's got to get up now to make Daddy's lunch babe. With the lunch made, checking on him ...he is snug in his bed.
Kisses exchanged encouraging words of love see him off , my beloved, my partner and friend.
This time is not my own...that has been the message of late. A Fathers touch to keep this daughter of his a clam mother. Dash at his door as I enter in and fix his covers, he returns to share this morning time , calming a child's heart.
"do you like super Monkey or Super Duck?" our sweet talk begins. with a calm mind wisdom came. "Mondays are hard" say I, as I am told of the stories of second grade. Where kids just pretend they do not know what to do..Teacher told him teach them do not do it for them...I concur. He is looking forward to the treat of computer time but the other children spoil the thing , they do not comply with the duty and task required. This effects his chance to achieve for he is ready and willing to do what he is told. Others are not so. I could understand how hard that is . The loss of privilege because of an others lax.Yes Mondays are hard for my son.
What if I draw you a picture or write you a note, you could put it in your pocket and I will be right there with you today...say I.

"A red string with my picture on it please"

"I wanted string this is silk mom"
I patiently press on to embroidery floss and a cardboard backing, it is stuffed into a pocket.
Then I am handed pants with a big whole in the knee...
"I'll have cereal mom"
Well the morning moves to fast to mend a pant knee and wake Dove too.
Stress begins to build for me. Dove did not bring home the lunch box again. Lunches to make for the kids.
Dove is running late not dressed warm enough. I just thank God and my wisdom too that she is in a warm coat this cold morning here.
Doves ADID (attention deficit inactive disorder) bugs Brother as he is ready and has been for well over an hour. She stands in the hallway fixed gaze on the tv unable to move, I demand the tv off! It is a real stressful for us in the early morning. When Dove is in her dissociative way
Dove my darling is rushed again. With a harsh word from brother. The building pressure of another grumbling walk to the stop. Some how I defuse it and they are kept from the magnetic puddle.
boarded on the buss with a wave good by...
Dash forgot to kiss my cheek...I missed the sweet kiss of my child.
With day to plan I am off with pen in hand. Eye glasses broken in the cuddle time, prescriptions to acquire and an apt to make so many other things to do too.
This Mothers day begins.
Dash's attachment secure he felt safe to begin his day.
Dove is warm in her new coat.


Denise said...

I love you sweet sis, and everything is going to be fine.

Amrita said...

So nuturing of you to make your feel feel understood and encouraged when he has a hard time.

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