Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dash's apointment...possible ear surgery...please pray for the meds to work.

well it was $14,600. at final count...second night of marathon itemizing we found out just a few moments before we were done that I do not need to re quality until 1-28-09!!!!!!!! Well it is finished with just any more we might incur between now and then

It was very wet , the sky was amazingly beautiful this morning.
Deep dark clouds shrouded the sky low on the desert hills around the city
It was cold! Well for us it was.
I had to rouse Dash and literally dress a sleeping/sleepy kid.
He said hi to the Daddy Man and relieved himself and we had to get out the door to make the long trip into town. We got the beans for the work party in the crock pot started and we were off.
The freeway was a blaze with diamonds and rubies. Mostly those rubies breaking constantly. At spots a stand still.

I had the early morning trip to the city and had to dress Dash for the trip. He was not a happy kid when the junk machine ate my only dollar and he was out a bagel. After the doctor, the ear pressure test, the hearing aid repair and then a loaner had to be issued and electronically calibrated, so one of his could be repaired....My nerves were at the finest of were his...he was one angry little kid and he let us all know it. He was so difficult!
We then had to go back to the surgeon/ent specialist and he put Dash on a strong 7 days of steroids. He told me the news as I tried to manage a kid who would not stop telling us that he was hungry! try as I might there was no consoling him and all I could do was give him a bagel ( I got change from a woman in the waiting room) when we were all done. I sat with him and tried to put myself in his shoes. I found that he is VERY angry that he has to have hearing aides at all. He hates them! He want to be like everyone else. I can understand it. He does not like waring them.

I told him I understood that it is a drag to have to have them.
He still needs to treat elders with respect of office.It was not alright for him to treat the professionals so disrespectfully, these are people trying to help him.

Then we had to go get the rx from the hospital pharmacy.
Dash has compression on his left ear drum opposite of fluid on the ear pushing it out, this is sucking it in hard. the estation tube is not letting the air to the eardrum and it is not equalizing. It might call for surgery if the RX (steroids) don't work. I have to just trust they will.
If Dash has to have tubes it could effect the hearing that is already compromised.
the RX was covered and free as would the surgery be ...but....
We have to have two pay periods with no overtime to qualify for benefits.. We are depending on our overtime. So it will be a nice break to have a month off from 10 hour days but the funds will be tighter.
I have to get my new tooth for the implant in Jan/Feb or it will be over due.
Life is a challenge.
He did share with me that he did not like having to wake up and go to the long drive for the doctor and he was mad.
I am so tired I better get a little rest.
My shoulder kept me up I strained it when I did the duty duty yesterday.
I worked at the school for two hours helping kids with their Christmas letters for the gifts to the parents. It was so sweet, this after I dropped him off.
Doves teacher cave me a container of Ferrero Rocher chocolates
Yum! I just poured a cup of coffee and put some chocolate vytasoy milk in it.
Life is GOOD>>>>>>>

I let the school nurse know about the dose of new medication I had just given him with a egg mc muffin from the drive through.

I also got a copy of the 3-08 hearing test that they needed for the IEP
I will try for a nap , but fat chance the kids will be home in 1 1/2 hours.

This is a full day.
Yummy (we all love them) Rice and bean supper and thank goodness I made the beans yesterday:)
All I have need of God has provided.


Denise said...

I am prayer dear one.

Amrita said...

all my sympathies for the poor child. A big for Dash.

I had to use a hearing aid when I was in my 30s and i hated it, still do.Its tough. Hope all goes well.

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