Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday


Hi, Good Morning.

I hope your warm and enjoying a good cup of coffee.
I am, this morning, now ...the quiet hour.
The kids are off and the washer/dryer/dishwasher are all loaded.
Lunches done, dogs fed, kids fed, chickens feed, tomatoes watered, and it is now just 8:30!
This is my time now to rest a moment.
Dash had a real melt down this morning because one of his hearing aids was faltering.
After the second battery change and a cleaning out of the battery chamber it was a success when he realized that it was just not all the way in.
He really came apart over it, there was no consoling him.
It sorta wore me out.
It makes it so difficult to even problem solve it.

Now my time to stop a moment and have some toast and coffee.
It is rainy here and cold, for here any way:)
Well emails to return await me.

I will be doing Art Masterpiece in the spring.
That is a service to present art to the school age children.
It is a presentation of the masters and such.
I will be doing 3 classed perhaps a fourth.
So I need to study my lesson presentations, on four works of arts.

Wow what a challenging time for us right now.
I hope life is smother for you.
Beloved and I just did the itemized Medical for the year...
We stayed up until 11:00p.m.
I have to present it to the Children's Rehab Services down at the St Luke's clinic.
This is to qualify for Dash's benefits at $0 out of pocket.
This covers his hearing aids, molds and the medical related to the possible Ushers Syndrome issues and the hypothyroid stuff.
I think we will qualify just fine. man what a trip!
That will be on 10 hour days not even at the 40 hour work weeks.
Girls we were $14,600 our out of pocket medical,
and we are not even finished yet with itemizing all of it.
Everything but $1200. paid!
God provides.
Now we know were it all went. :)

I felt so bad for so long thinking I must not be doing a good enough job. Ha!

So that job needs to be finished by finding the rest of the receipts and then going through all the check duplicates for any missing expenditures.
I need to do that today.
I found another $1000 apx.
Still have to enter it after the kids go to bed.

Beloved My Friend has asked me to gift his fellows with some of my homemade Re fried beans
(I know I could soak and such) I use the blender. I will send them in the crock pot.
This will be to serve 40.

Loads of laundry to swap and fold .
Not done

Beans and Peas to pick out in the garden.
Today's harvest

Chicken supper with home grown green beans :) to make

Is that the cutest little thing you ever saw. It is a cantaloupe.
The only one I got to eat. It ripened.

The others were given to the chickens .
Nothing goes to waste.

Angle is white, Taren is light gray and Pearly is the deep gray (I like Tahitian Pearls)

Oh boy! did they enjoy it!

That is (Mabel) "May Bell" at top, Ruby to the left, and Prissy to the right.
I might harvest the limb on my side of the yard.
It is not my tree,
but it is in my yard...and the neighbors once told us they do not mind.

Looks like it would make some yummy orange juice.

I want to get something under this tree for the kids.
They are a bit discouraged.
So I had a thought to wrap a box within a box several times,
so they have a lot of unwrapping to do.
This way it will add some excitement.
They will each get two gifts this year.
How grateful I am to give them this simple Christmas.
For so many years the abundance has overwhelmed them.
I think also that I will pull toys out of the boxes stored in the garage and place those around the tree. I will re-gift them:)
The toys were packed from when we were going to sell the house earlier this year.
It will be fun to see them again.
Ya, I am a little sad not to give them more ,
but they have been given so much and they are not without.
Daddy Man and I have a fun family activity to do with them over the winter break that is part of the big gift we will do all together. It will be creative. Cant tell yet.
The kids know now how to read my blog. Daddy man gave them a direct link to my blog.

Well I better go swap loads.

It would be good to get my seeds into the earth,
but it might be a bit too wet and cold to do so today.

It was very nice out in the garden.
Look at that sky.

I did the dung duty duty in the yard so I could stand being out in my garden. Beloved has had few hours left to attend to it.
Overtime is for both of us.
I pull up what he has to let go of.
That way the family can come first when he is home.

It was so pretty.
The chickens talked to me all the while.
I kept an eye out for a hawk but say no one there.
They all had their eggs around the same time, funny thing.

I'd like to also get the house a little more festive for the joy of it.
Not done


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think you're doing a great job taking care of your family. Keep it up!

FromThe Creek said...

Oh how great it would be to have fresh beans in December! I need to move to where you live!

Denise said...

You are a wonderful mom, and wife.

Amrita said...

your girls (chicken) are doing really well.

I wish i could raise some too. Egs are a luxury here $1 a doz that 's too much. We use eggs as a meal instead of breakfast.

Your beans are good.

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