Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The face behind the blog. Meme

Married one year 1983 gown is snug because I was fed. :)

Camping trip 1984. I don't hunt the gun was for protection. We were in the wilderness. Hubby probably was going off to do his business.

Biking trip 1984. I was raised on two wheel motorcycles. Bet you didn't know that.

Our "race car" dun buggy the first one we owned taken in 1984.
In my Glory Days :) Before the kids we had a lot of fun this way. Due to funds being tight we have had to let go of these things. It is too bad we had so much fun. I would love to do these things with the kids.

Taken this year.

Cory from "Living and Loving Every Minute" posted a new meme

The Rules, to quote Wolfgang:
The usual rules apply. Post a short article and include your photograph (or more if you want). If you already have a picture online somewhere, then get creative with a new one.Blog Title:

Name of Blog: A Life Uncommon

A place to live life with the affiliation of others who share their lives and their lessons. A place to think on the things that I have experienced,witnessed and heard and seen. That We all might focus on the marvelous and the seemingly mundane becomes appreciated.

It means Dawn=Lady, Etta=Lady of the home

Country: USA.

Originally from: Washington State

Occupation: I have been a Bank Teller, Gas Station Attendant, Elderly Care Provider, Insurance Agent, Extended Care Provider for Elementary Children.
By and far my hearts desire fulfilled I am a Full Time Wife, homemaker, and Mother

Email: Should be listed in my profile

Birthday: In May

Favorite Colors: Blue and purple

Favorite Drink: I love pineapple juice, green tea, good coffee, Reverse Osmosis Water

Favorite Fruit: Rainer Cherries

Favorite Desert: It varies, anything non dairy and real I don't like fake (processed) foods.

Hobbies: Anything art, Sewing, beading, scrap booking, painting, writing, cooking, creating.

Some of the blogs I know that have posted pictures of me: Pretty sure NONE.

Next, include the link to the others who have displayed their pix, or even include their pix in your post, adding a reference to it.
That is too much work...but I'll add a few. :)

Corey wrote:Now I'd like to ask anyone else who is in the mood to go ahead and participate. I know many people like to stay anonymous, so I don't want to force anyone out. :)
I agree.


Amy said...

What a cutie you are, Donetta! I love your smile. Oh, and I love, love, love pineapple juice. It's my favorite fruit!

Will keep praying for Denise and her husband. Thanks for the update.

How are you doing today? I haven't had a chance to email you back because my upper body is hurting pretty bad today, but I at least wanted to stop by and leave you a comment! Take care friend, thinking of you tonight.

TaunaLen said...

Love the photos. You are a beautiful woman, and I'm glad to have found you in blogdom! Thanks again for your kindness. I tried to email you, but found no address on your blog, so hope you don't mind me using to comment section to respond. Blessings,


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

You look like a younger version of my mom. That's a compliment!

Amrita said...

Lovely post DawnLady, beautiful name Prov 31.

I like your wedding dress and the dun buggy.If i had one I would go zooming around. Because of my handicaps i can 't drive a car or 2 wheelers.

I don 't have your email address.Its not posted on the profile Please sent it to me. you will find my email ID on my blog

Corey~living and loving said...

LOve seeing your smiling face. I am glad to played along. :) It was wonderful to get to know you better. I too, love Rainer Cherries.....I could easily eat way too many and regret it. :)

Overwhelmed! said...

Loved seeing the pictures that you shared. :) Sometimes I regret being an anonymous blogger because it prevents me from participating in fun memes like these. Oh well, I was happy to read yours!

By the way, I loved the "little women" adoption button at the top of your blog so I followed it back to the source and added it to mine too. Hope you don't mind! :)

Take care!

Pamela said...

rainier cherries can hardly be beat when they are in season. They just pop in your mouth like a little sweet bomb.

What part of washington did you grow up in?

Donetta said...

Dear Pamela, I was born in Tacoma, spent early years in Seattle.I want of r. cherries! :)

Dear Overwhelmed. Thanks for your visit. I don't mind. It is so pretty I just had to post it. I am an adoptive Mom and all.

Dear Corey, Thank you My smile was hard won with 14 root canals and a lot of hard times. With a life like I have with my Beloved the smile is from deep within and all real.

Shannon, Thank you I am flattered you would compare me to your dear Mother.

Lady Ametra, I left it for your on your site.

Dear TaunaLen, I do hope you write more your very talented. Thank you for your kind words.

Dear Amy, I am in such awful pain that I just took a third pain pill. It is 1am and it justs hurts so bad I feel like I am gonna go nut. I am begining to wonder if he might have broken my jaw. I do hope you are resting up for your surgery on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Loved looking through the pictures... FUN!

Denise said...

You are so beautiful.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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