Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mother of Many.

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Mother of Many
Will you adopt me?...was the recent comment of one who had already grown within our hearts.

What is Motherhood to me?
Oh Mother of Many Am I.

And if one day I see all their faces I would spin and dance with glee. Hundreds before me, young and old. All of my life I have surrounded myself with a chosen family. I am blessed with my own family true. My Sisters and Brothers and nieces and nephews. My own children... two.They are now saplings around me as once I watered there tender seeds.
Friends are the family one finds along the way.
So many many faces flash in my minds eye.
Oh Mother of many, who as a child herself, tended the gas station store years and years before. I saw children , sometimes slipping them a candy and a smile of course. I loved the children peering from the back seat windows. They would smile and wave excited to see if a candy would be theirs for the day. Little finger waves, gleeful, then a nod of good day as the car would pull away. Years ago now so many have passed by my way.
Oh Mother of many, the children, while I was in school, seventh grade duty in the reading room. Never shaming those who could not read from my kindness they seamed to feed. Then those in the special ed department, the young man who typed with his toes. He walked up to me that last day to say good bye. I will always remember how hard each step for him as he tried.
Oh Mother of many throughout high school all the varied click members would come to me there on the greens and open their hearts and pour out their dreams. Often I was their only confidant and I would weep with them there and pretend we had no more care.

You Are a Blue Crayon

Your world is colored in calm, understated, deep colors.

You are a loyal person, and the truest friend anyone could hope to find.

On the inside, you tend to be emotional and even a bit moody.

However, you know that people depend on you. So you put on a strong front.

Your color wheel opposite is orange. Orange people may be opinionated, but you feel they lack the depth to truly understand what they're saying.

At my house we had a play room though barren my womb, it was filled always with children from all around. Coloring books and crayons were a staple at Aunt Donetta's house. Kids on the street were brought there by friends. Parents often, not even caring where they were.
Oh Mother of many I was and have always been.
Dear sweet Heather flew far too soon from a 140 foot cliff. She was a hard one to loose from down the street, three doors yet, so far. Your kittens and laughter still ring in my ear how you had only days before accepted Jesus on my living room floor.
All the neighborhood children began to leave, some moved away. I remember the day I was given two dozen rosed by the little boy down the street . His father had been given them and he wanted them to go to me. Oh the trees that we planted at the front door. The boys digging with the shovel so a Lady could rest. The children would come and tell me their stories and just sit and stare. As I pulled of dried petals and dead headed the roses.
As an extended care provider at the private Christian school. I'll always remember the little boy who at 9 years old and 75 pounds would mess his pants daily until the day I wept, compassion stunned him and ever day after he would say "Teacher! Teacher, I didn't mess my pants!" I would praise his kind nature and thank him too. Although he was retarded, no one had ever expected that he was able to offer anything more.
Oh Mother of many the women would come and sit and spill sorrows of all they had known. Saying never before was there a safe place to tell. I held them and loved them. Two have gone on before to short their lives were.
My children have often been only for a day, week, months or a few years. They reached into my heart and took away all the barren years.
Oh mother of many,who is it all for?
All the glee and the loss and the struggles in life. So many sisters in Christ who have needed the care of a Mother, without children of my own. Non were ever belonging to me and then 16 years later the prophecy came true.
Now mother of many has just but her two. Without knowing how many were mothered before. These two I have charge of. Unlike the so many before to lift up and carry through life's troubled door. A good foundation and a stable home, a refuge to last past night fall.
I am a Mother of many who could ever want more than the privilege to give all to another hearts store. I watch as they each one grows and matures . Little baby buggies, toddling into youth. All of my many children who I taught in the Sunday School Rooms, holding them telling them that God is Love, God loves you and I love you.
I remember the little Navajo boy who would not look me in the eye, only to learn that Elders and those who are respected were to be honored with a bowed brow and this it was so . What lessons they have all taught to me. I have grown.
Young men now and young women raised up around me with children of their own. I , I have my two... I waited a lifetime for this honor to come. How privileged a role is Motherhood honored. We have a great high calling to be a living testimony of love.
Now my children never have to go home. I know that their nights are safe and they have their needs met. The joys of each moment is all I could ever desire. It is in many tasks but rather in the relationships with my Son an Daughter that Motherhood is realized. I have the role Mother it is an office if highest responsibility. It is the joy of a lifetime!. If I succeed then they will become independent lovers of God who can shake the world with compassion, wit and Wisdom.


Lynn said...


WOW, Deep and awesome post.

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

I'm glad that you've found joy in motherhood throughout your life--and especially now that your children belong to you!

Thanks for participating!

Jo said...

I am blown away............beautiful.

Shawn said...

Lovely post!!

Steve said...

Not a job, a calling... You say it so eloquintly.

Solid gold words,
Thank you.

Summer said...

Wonderful words. Thanks for sharing!

TaunaLen said...

This is just precious. I love being a mom, and though I know I have other jobs to do, this one means so much to me. I wanted to say, also, that I am delighted to find myself in your blogroll. However, I am misspelled. :-) It's always nice to find new readers, I only have a handful, and though I wonder that others would want to read my ramblings, it's quite a morale boost on those days when I'm suffering from severe writer's block. Thank you for the compliment!


Neena said...

You have obviously touched many lives. This is a beautiful reflection.

childlife said...

Donetta -

A beautiful post - thank you for sharing such heartfelt thoughts!

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