Monday, September 3, 2007

Beading Break from the blog :)

After being inspired by Jaye over at "Just a Mom"
You have got to see what she has been creating this weekend! Amazingly beautiful! She saved this from a thrift store!
So...While listening to the sound track from "Cold Mountain"...
Today is our day of rest and reflection. We always try to remember to keep a day of rest and rejuvenation. It can be hard while raising a family but we want to live an example of the good principles set out in our guide book.

One way that I rejuvenate my spirit is to create something. So today I chose to bead.
I had a special order last time I was at the clinic with Dash. I laid out all the black beads I had and came up with this.
I have a third hand in the vice. Most folks need some kind of vice or another ;)
When I make lanyards I often use elastic cording for the safety of the person wearing it. This lanyard will be exposed to Special Needs Kids, I want it to be very strong. Gluing the knot is a very important step.

I use a lay out board to set the pattern and measure the length. I chose a progressive (size of beads) due to the client not wanting a rosary looking lanyard. Her husband was kidding her about the other one. She said..." I am Catholic but I don't want it to look like it". So I avoided a counted pattern. She wanted a neutral clear and black and told me to use my skills to create what I saw in my minds eye.

The center piece is a button I thought beautiful for the project. It reminded me of her. I used Silver lined clear glass spacers. Jet black vintage glass ellipticals in progressive sizes.

The clip is used for an I.D. badge.

I think the butterfly is so sweet. Hubby said it looks much more like a piece of jewelery.

When I finished it I got on a roll. I wanted to handle some color. It makes me feel good inside. I LOVE color and use seasonal color pallet for my designs. This keeps clashing away and all the pieces flow automatically into the metal group. Summer/Winter into the silvers. Fall/Spring into the golds. Copper is a fun thing to play with. It can go many ways.

This lay out was so healing in the range I chose. Sky Blue and Light Lemon Yellow were colors used. I was in an imperfect, ha!, mood ;} today so the smaller beads were used randomly.
I ware mostly all summer range medium value (depth of color) The real pastels are to soft for me and they disappear into my olive skin tones.

I used a floating Stirling Silver finding to attach the clasps and the sun medallion.

Dangling earrings are my choice in this design.

I might just keep this set for myself. I need another necklace set like a gravel pit needs a stone, but they are just so pretty to look at. I liken it to playing in a candy store. Only less fattening and easier on the teeth :)

Miss Fiction received a bracelet. The findings were so cute. She likes Non-Disney Princesses.


Denise said...

Wow, those are all so beautiful, you are very talented.

Corey~living and loving said...

sooooooo pretty. I love it. So sorry for the lack of comments from me lately. I am spread thin these days.

Amrita said...

Lovely handiwork.\I love jewellry

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