Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Seized The Day!

This Quilt is for a baby of a vetern.


Gwedo ( I dont know where he got this name but it is so cool when he says it) ,and Baba Fet. Mr fet is in the other room. Or course they are fit for battle with their warrior dog.

These are the princesses. Miss Fiction used perma markers to color them.

The kids are playing fort. They need Names and passports to enter each others forts. The princesses each have a throne and the battle druids each have their position as well. They are cooperation so sweetly helping to create extensions to the forts with the dining room chairs. They have furnished them like nomadic tents, with pillows and blankets.

Beloved went over tho a friend house to pray with him. He was asked to come.
We had great fun this morning! I pushed through and we all got in the car. We headed to a "Bass Pro Shop". It was like an amusement park. We had so much fun! The family had been there before without me.
Miss Fiction and I talked with the large bass, trout and cat fish in the massive aquarium. I showed her how to woo them with her spirit. She got it! She too was able to draw them to her. I am a fish whisperer as well as other creatures. I have always had the gift. It is like living inside oneself calm quiet and just being with the creature. They have intelligence and can sense your spirit and know your intent. She was able to achieve a call to four different fish who came to her from across the aquarium. I had one in my call and handed him over to her and she experienced it. It was so HOLY and FUN!
We played boating with the several display boats that even have a dock to walk on. Wow, ducks hanging from the ceiling and taxidermy everywhere. I don't rather like taxidermy so much but the creature were passed so I just looked to the beauty. I was able to watch God provide a bear (it was the last one without a price tag and she let us have it for $10. we both felt a good fair deal) for Miss Fiction, and a pop cork gun for Dash Hawk. We got a little fudge too for later.
We went to a cracker barrel and we given two caramel apples (for later) splurged on supper. The kids had a root bear in a bottle. They were so impressed. We each took turns with a kid and each a game. The kids had a great time independent with each parent taking turns. Each person had there favorite meal it was so fun! Fun, fun, fun ,I had fun! We felt like we had gone on a vacation. We had so much fun. We enjoyed each other so much. I just pressed through.
Now I rest as they play fort and I'll enjoy the show of imagination. I took a pain med and am working on keeping my focus off the terrible pain and on those fish coming to us. It was so cool!
What a wonderful day so far. Beloved will come home later. Then I'll probobly sleep a while. I fell asleep for an instant when we first got home but unknowingly Hubby come into the room full voice, and I need to wrap the quilt I had made for the baby that came a while back. A long while back the kids going to out grow it soon!
The kids and the Daddy Man went to the grandparents I have a quiet house. Ice and pain medication who could ask for anything more, Ha!

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Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful day sweetie, love you.

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