Monday, September 3, 2007

Daddy Man's Hair Cut

Little Miss Fiction wanted to help me cut Her Daddy's Hair tonight

Oh so serious. Our shaver was malfunctioning so good Ol' sport Dad took to a buzz job. He is a very good sport. I think it is sorta sexy like that guy from the old E.R. series.

She was so intense. We were just tickled how grown up she felt. She has been wanting to help me out in every way today.

I overheard Dash in the tub and Miss Fictions voice in the bathroom. She had fallen clothes and all into the tub, they were laughing. So I being THE MOTHER had to correct them, while Dad and I just shook our heads later thinking how funny that must have been. Still we found it a little far fetched to believe.

Dash made a bar graph (Yes he is 6 yrs old!) to discover how good dinner was the categories were smell while cooking, how it looked (presentation) and taste. Well I got rave reviews. He thinks it is too cool to graph something out. So much power in math. I tell them it is a language of it's own. Few can speak it and fewer understand it. So if he learns it he will have a lot of ability few others have. He has a mind for higher education. His IQ was tested and they stopped at a 6th grade level because he was annoyed with them, he was 5 at the time.

The house has hushed Daddy Man is reading to them for the next 45 minutes or so. This is a magical hour for me. I get tender good night kisses while listening to the wonderfully animated voice of such characters as old men and young boys. I hear children giggle and add their own animated responses to the narrator. Lately he has been reading several of the old Hardy Boys mysteries. I found 30 of them at a thrift store for 50-75 cents each a while back. Both our kids have an extended vocabulary.
I loved homeschooling and still do school them. I just let them go to school for the vocational stuff. Beloved and I teach a lot of character, science, natural history, global understanding, social understand, cultural understanding too. I love to understand WHY people are who they are. I enjoy passing this on to the kids. Beloved and I both like History SO much!
We have some very strong feelings about knowing ones own history, HIStoy (Bible Knowledge), World History and our favorite I think is Early American History even before the colonial period. We are a very patriotic Family.
Does any one out there enjoy History?
I'm going to close now . The history Detective is going to come onto our local P.B.S. channel. We don't buy cable so this is our favorite show to enjoy together.


JUST A MOM said...

Hey is his head as soft as mine was hahahahhahahaha I saw earlier and loved the beads,, I was eating and could not type with one hand.

Denise said...

The adventures of your adoreable family really warm my heart.

Amrita said...

Dad 's brave

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