Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Planting the Annuls and the crops with seeds outside

With the children home and the annuls needing to be planted the day has been a wonderful mix of education about the specific flowers planted and the side yard freed of 2 large wagons of dirt to the front yard. Hosing off of the stepping stones that have now been unearthed to provide a real nice romantic sitting spot over near our master bedroom. One day it will be in view of the Master bedroom arbor. Hard work!
The children and I had a wonderful day together. We went to the dollar movies and the mall. We really had a nice time together. As we left the mall the most amazing thin...
20+ vultures were circling over head in the parking lot. Then we pulled over and took a camera to capture them. Then Dove took video. All of the sudden another 10-15 joined them. Moments later there must of been 50 of them NO JOKE! they were gliding away slowly off to the south east. I have never witnessed anything like it.
It may have been a fast food joint drawing them. Wow it was amazing to witness. Now mind you each bird has probably a 6 ft wing span. We could see their feet!

these are perennials but will get planted as the moon turns time

 The soil got dug up and moved to the front for the new bed. It cleared the way  for the sitting spot. The rockers there now will give a wonderful place to sit in the evening and enjoy the flowers. Lots of physical work.
This fellow was withing a few feet of me. He went for the crickets that came out from under a pot I had moved

We are all home and tonight I am ill for the first time in four months. Sore throat and chest cough. ARG! Up with a cough every time I lay down. So here I am happy and content. Looking forward to the cough syrup doing it's job so I can sleep.


Denise said...

Nice post sis, praying over your cough. I love you.

Annette said...

What pretty, pretty flowers your going to have! From time to time we have a flock of geese fly over and honk as if to say "Fare well my neighbors til next spring" and it brings back memories of our Kelsey girl coming out her home and looking up at them like they've annoyed her sleep...All that hard work your doing in your yard will pay off soon, I like the idea of having a sitting spot next to those flowers and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and the beauty that surrounds you~


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Please pray for her parents and family
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