Sunday, May 3, 2009

All in a Day...

Hello, I have started another Blog

A Place To Create...
I worked hard on this project, I'll talk more about it over there.
I hope your all having a nice weekend.
I am getting ready for a new week.
My Darling used his last Gatorade so...
Lemon aide was in order.
This task awaited his help to pour the new bag of sugar for me.
I buy it in a 25 pound bag.
Yes but think about what you consume...
Now although sugar is not "good " for you. It is processed by use of animal bone to whiten it...interesting tip:)
If you look at what is being consumed...
HIGH FRUCTOSE Corn is in everything.
It is processed as a by product, from Genetically Modified Corn!
So now the sugar looks a bit better :)

So remember cooking from scratch means buying in bulk the best you can acquire.
A 25 pound bag will last a long time. It does not spoil and it is often cheaper per pound to buy. Be sure your storage is ready to receive it.

Remember those winter Lemons from the neighbor I gleaned, juiced, and froze
It is now summertime. I wish I would have juiced more.
By the end of that I was very tired of juicing. :)Lemon aide for lunches for Steve and the kids.
Real lemon juice, sugar and reverse osmosis water...
that is all...
nothing else...but love mixed in it.

Speaking of Love, not perhaps agape but non the less a pleasing part of life.
Simple Syrup is a great source of many things one of them being my own homemade flavoring/sweetener for my coffee.
This bottle "butter scotch",
a half of that little jar made a nice concentrated flavor, more flavor use less.

Now the soy milk is organic.
Oh that butterscotch oh...oh... that is a good cup of Joe!

To the last drop friends!

Well we all went up to Costco for the monthly stock pile shop.
I found something for the skin of our darlings, and for myself to have in my purse.
Summer is coming fast this is a must in the desert.
I have to remember to make good use of it now.
I put it on a shelf by the back door.
I think the other will go on a shelf by the front door.

Look what I splurged on!
I know me...splurge it does happen from time to time.
This is a gift for all my hard work and good service:)
It was really a great deal. Under $6. for 10 pods.
I look forward to using it.
Make my own extract from recycling them.
Make use of the pods for baking and such.

They are beautiful!
At least 6' long!

Now we know the U.N. is is trouble ,but really Russia is going to get in some bad press if they do not make a better vehicle. :)
This was given to Dash on an adoption day. I found it for him when we were in Russia. I gave it to him a little too early I think.
It took well to the gluing.
Used a few cups of vinegar in the dishwasher to remove the hard water build up.
Just run it on a soak cycle.
Good stuff!
I watched a show that in Europe they even have shops with many different flavors/strains of it.
It can be very costly.
Over at Down to Earth she has a nice tutorial on making the "mother of vinegar" sounds nasty, but it does have many health benefits.

Well Daddy man finished Dash's room.
He deserves a trophy!

I worked hard in the garden.
Spent time working on
"A Place to Create",
in more ways than one.
On to other things....

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Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your wisedom, love you.

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• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
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• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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