Sunday, May 3, 2009

20 Of My Favorite Things

Join us over here
1. Color-
Summer shades I find myself stumped. I think I need time to think about me?
2. Dessert-Pecan Pie
3. Smell-clean fragrance free
4. Flower-white rose
5. Animal-wolf
6. Month- April
7. Beverage-organic carrot juice
8. Pair of shoes- Merrels, any thing by them. They must have good arch support. My arches are very high. So a sensible show protects my knee.
9. Snack-candy
10. Song-How Great thou Art
11. Book- I am a reference reader. Non Fiction
12. Fruit- Navel Orange
13. Hairstyle- Natural no hair spray
14. Piece of clothing- satin and lace panties (blush)
15. Store to clothes shop- I don't clothes shop ????? I have been given so many things. Maybe Ross?
16. Season-Spring
17. Hobby- Gardening
18. Thing to collect- Beading supplies
19. Movie- Epics...I often thrive in the soundtracks of the picture
20. Restaurant- Pei Wei Asian (fresh veggies and well prepared)


Denise said...

Great list.

Corey~living and loving said...

loved reading your list. :)

Susie said...

Awesome list:-)

Amrita said...

Good to read about everything you are doing Donetta.

Please pray for me. I am feeling very low and deprerssed, my caregiving job is causing it.

Denise said...

Beautiful list and it tells a lot about you...... I am a Navel Orange person and eat them all the time... I hate hair spray and just will not use it! You have to keep a Pecan Pie out of my reach or you will NOT get a bit of it! AND Gardening is such a wonderful thing to take your mind off of all the stressors in life..... A great hobby!

Great list girl..... Not sure how I missed this post........

A happy heart at home said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I like pecan pie, Merrels (I have two pair, and they feel great!), I don't use hair spray, and I'd love some satin and lace panties - maybe when I lose some weight and get rid of the granny panties LOL!


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