Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family California Vacation Day one

We had the car packed the night before and left at 4:20 a.m.
After the breakfast, morning chores and all it was only an hour before we were on the road.
The whole trip the kids were so amenable and easy.
Driving straight through with the stops to stretch and refresh took around 7 hours.
We arrived at the beach Friday just before noon.
It was so beautiful!
A balmy 78*?

The Beach
We went to Balboa Beach
Mercy had it that we found a parking spot after only one time around the loop.
It was packed with traffic!

The kids were stunned by the ocean.
It had been 6 years for any of us to have witnessed that wonderful splendor.
How awesome!
We had a grand day gathering shells and finding treasures.

Dove asked Daddy man to use the camera and snapped a shot of a happy Mom.

It felt so good to get out and walk.

Of course the customary rolling up of the pant legs was in order knowing full well that it was an act of futility :)Oh they were having a BALL!

Daddy Man even sank his feet in.
By draping all the towels over the back window and the wind shield we made a makeshift changing room.
They were off!

Dove could not get enough of the waters intensity.

It was so fun watching her.
She so wanted us to join her , but it was so cold that non of the rest of us could take it.
She just doesn't mind the cold at all, never has.

Dash after several t shirts found a beach buddy (sea weed) and never let it (her) out of his sight!
This was drug up and down the beach over and over and was fought for with a vengeance.
She wound up in a bag in the trunk only to be thrown away at the hotel (stinky!)

I am telling ya he was infatuated with this sea weed!

Steve and I just marveled at the joy he has finding in dragging It (her) all over.

We searched for sea shells and found two angle wings.
I found out later that she was threatened by the class girls with rejection if she did not bring them all one. This became an issue for we had to leave after some time to find food to eat for lunch. We were heading out to find a nice fresh seafood meal. I really wanted to have so me fresh seafood.

Well after dusting off and loading up we were off
It was on the way out of the area when we spied the turn for the restaurant and between me saying "there's the turn, turn there" and as Steve puts it "strewing up and turning into another lane of traffic this happened.

This was the other car
We were at fault for turning left they were out of sight at our right.

This hit us

we cleared the intersection and pulled over.
The other folks were so gracious.
They were Asian and I lowered myself in humility as I approached.
I apologized to each of the three, and confirmed they were alright.
A woman approached and said " I SAW THE WHOLE THING!"
Steve came to them and said "IT IS MY FAULT".
...well the witness dropped her jaw as well as her defensiveness and said
"OH , Oh alright then..." and then left.
Funny thing how humility brings peace.
I got the kids out and onto the curb they were totally undone.
Poor things.
Daddy man had given himself a tongue thrashing and they herd
"I ruined the trip".
Dash could not get those words out of his sweet little mind and would not be convinced otherwise for some time. Oh mercy that poor baby was undone.
So picture this...
Steve with the officer and the other party.
I on a curb with to freaked out little special needs kids who were totally undone.

Well God sent two women who really helped.
One who was able on my left side to convince Dash that the car was not "ruined", and the other to softly calm Dove while I helped Dash to hear the other woman , as I calmed Dove and introduced ourselves to the lady on Doves side all of this on knee at a grassy (thank God) curb.
Then Dove rallied and cheered up Dash.

Sweet Dash gave the Elder gentleman a few fresh picked dandelions and apologized that we wrecked his car. He smiled and bowed to the child. He spoke no English, but we all know that universal language of love.

The rear of our car damaged at the bumper, trunk, door and quarter panel.
It was however a very soft impact.
It was however an awful thing to have happened to my sweet husband.
We were too tired, hungry and just plain out of familiar territory.

We were able to hook up the bumper with a bungee cord I had "just happened to toss in the trunk".:)
We were given favor and we were not sighted!
So we limped into the hotel via a stop for duct tape, I called a claim in while my devastated sweet husband went in to get tape.
Well once at the Hotel we found out that the travel agency sold us ONE king bed for the 4 of us!
The hotel caught it and was going to set us up in a 2 queen room, gracious enough , but I had requested a KING and bunk beds and was under the understanding that that was what I had purchased.
I was calm and had discussed this over the phone when I confirmed. Steve and I had prayed for favor. Well Yep! God is gracious to us and we were given that favor and more.
Tired kids were thrilled to find two stuffed toy in the room and popcorn for the Free movie of our choice. However that TV was faulty so we watched snow ( no complaint) we were grateful!

The new additions to the family of stuffed toys in center

The Hotel was the CARTONA in Anaheim.

view from our room
the best room in the house!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect view of the Disney fireworks

Swimming was a joy to them and we unloaded and rested.
We ate our meals in the room.
It had a refrigerator and a microwave oven.
Two rooms

after pool time...
We all showered and I popped the corn and we watched a movie together on the big bed and cuddled.
Nice peaceful end of the day.
We had all made an agreement to intentionally forget about the accident until after vacation!
We all stuck to it.
We chose not to LET IT destroy our time.
The children very respectful of the loss of spending money due to the pending deductible never begged for one thing!
We did the whole trip for under $1200. that's 4 days three at Disney for 4 people, trolley to park was a three day pass. We ate just the one meal at the park. Everything else was packed in, including the case of water a few at a time in a back pack. The locker was $7. a day for a full day(you could get in and out of it for 18 hours).
We only really needed it the two days.
It was so hot!!!!!!!!!!!
95* one day and the next I was told it was over 100*
We left mid morning, returned to the hotel until night fall.

Wake up sweet children.
Adventure ahead...
we began the new day with a wonderful FREE breakfast in the lobby dining room. Funny how it reminded me of Russia. It had just about anything you might need for a simple breakfast.
This was a $30 a day at least savings.
we loaded up the water and snacks....
Take at least a case of bottled waters. They are sold there at $3 each!
Burgers in the California Land side are the best buy at $40. ish for 4, but that is with a nice fixing bar of tomato, lettuce and such. No refills o $$$$ drinks.
We packed in lunches and kept them in the lockers, this included a can of soda or juice.
to be continued...


Susie said...

That looks like a GREAT vacation!!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness.. What a blessing that God has delt you and that beautiful family....... I love the ocean.... Love it...... Have swam in many of them and they NEVER cease to amaze me..... I have prayed and asked the Father to build my mansion on the coast line of heaven..... I will not have to worry about sand in my shorts then !


Soooooooooo sorry about the fender bender but it seems that God was going before you as HE always does and had those precious ladies right there to help with Dove and Dash..... HE went before you... HE knew you would need extra hands... HE is sooooooooooo good.

BUT so sorry that happened but you and that sweet DH of yours knows how to deal well with those things.

It sounds like such a blessed time for you and the fam! The kids look so funny in that bathtub.... You take the BEST pictures.....

Hope you rested and renewed your spirit ..... Time out....... it is a good thing....

Denise said...

I love the pictures. You all look so happy, that makes me happy.

Amrita said...

good to read about it

~Bren~ said...

Even with the car mishap, it sounds like a wonderful family time. I can't wait to read more! AWESOME pics! God is faithful!

Angie said...

It looks like you all had a blast! I am glad no one was hurt in the fender/bender.

What a blessing!

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