Friday, April 24, 2009

Disney vacation part three April 19, 2009

Oh please let him pick me
He was not like the other kids no jumping up and down or waiving of the hands...
He just stood there and held his breath.
I waved my hand behind him, for him:)
The Padawan's Jedi Oath
I promise to uphold the Jedi Code.
I promise to respect all life and to help those weaker than myself.
I promise to use the Force only for good; never in anger; only to defend those who cannot defend themselves; to find new ways to improve myself so that I may be an example to others.

This part was not spoken

I promise to give guidance to those that seek it; while not seeking to lead or rule them. As a Jedi I must always oppose those who revel in evil and seek power for the sake of power. They are the plague on society that the Jedi seek to cure. In the absence of the Jedi, evil will thrive. In the presence of just one Jedi, evil will evaporate.

Then they were dressed in the cloak and given a light saber and taught to use it.

He paid close attention.
He did not have his hearing aides on so he was VERY focused.

Then the stage raised and the music began the intensity

Darth Vader tried to coax the little Jedi's over to his side and they gave him a tongue lashing
On stage Darth Vader set to battle
The kids were then split into groups.

off stage the villain was set to battle

Dash awaited his turn with intensity!
He really did well making good contact.
It was so cool to see him get this opportunity.

They thought better of hanging around with all these Jedi's

So they high tailed it right by me.
Walking tall, with great confidence the new Jedi recruit was on cloud nine.
He received his official Jedi Certificate
How happy he was
Just look at that happy child!

At the end of the training was when Steve and Dove showed up.
I had radioed him over the walkie talkie and told him Dash was chosen to train.
He was not able to get there in time.
He and Dove was off on an adventure.
A roller coaster I think?

California Adventure Land
Just in time to have our lunch
We all gathered our selves together and headed over to the other park
via the lockers to grab the lunch I had packed.
We ate there in the shade, yet with the heat wave topping at some 95* we were melting!

It was Doves big treat
High School Musical 3
Picture over a 100 people in a huge circle sitting on egg frying cement trying to shade themselves and the young ones.
The event crowd controller came over by us to tell all of us that the dancers may not be able to do much of a performance due to the heat.

She sat in suspended animation.
Frozen in the moment.

We sat and melted until we just could take no more.
We went over into a forest like area where I sat and Steve took the kids on a climb in a huge netted climbing gym.

Dove and Dash were chosen to do rubber duck races.
Dove's duck won!!!!!!!!!

Dash came in third!!!
They were given badges.

Well while Daddy Man and the Dash went to ride the "tower of terror"...
they waited over an hour in line for a 3 minute ride.

Dove and I tried to view a performance to get out of the sweltering heat.
We stumbled upon a street performance that took Dove out of her utter Panic.
Those were some hard moments let me tell ya!
I prayed a lot and pleaded with God for help.
We went inside the animation center.
She was instantly in a trance.
Large projected video of all of the old Disney movies on 20 foot screens all around us and all over the ceiling, perhaps 30 of them or more.
Whew she calmed down, sat down and eventually let her death grip go.
After a half an hour or so, I convinced her to attend an animation class.
We drew Winnie the Poo, it was real nice.
Being an artist it was a real pleasure to share my love of art with her.
They had a cool set up to see how the 16 frames per second caused the motion.
She was smiling.
We went into a little shop.
She was calm and enjoying the trinkets.
The boys met up with us there as her and I enjoyed some cotton candy together.

We all went back inside to cool our bodies down.
It was HOT!!!!!!!

I thought to go ask what this other presentation was about, I explained my situation with the fellow.
I was almost in tears just trying to find something to bring her more pleasure.
He explained it all and assured me of it's content.
We were able all 4 of us to go into a thing together.
It was so cute.
After the Finding Nemo movie the turtle talked to the audience live through a aquarium type glass projection. It really was real looking and sounding as he answered questions real time.

She was enthralled!

After the performance the man came up to me and asked If I though she might be up to a private audience. I was so excited and said YES! She began to freak out a little and rallied.
We alone in this huge studio went up to the front and spoke to the huge turtle through the glass (?) He called Dash "Dutiful Dash"
Dove "bodacious"
Steve "surfin' Steve
and Me "Dutiful Donetta"
Dove asked him what it was like under water?
He said "wet"

Dash asked him...a question that skips my mind at the moment.
It was so wonderful to see the Glee they both had
The whole family smiling at the same time!

The nice man "Maynard" then gave us private rendition of a talk radio show he did in his home state. He then so lovingly took three pictures until he felt it was just right.
we were given favor

With light hearts we were all off to the rest of the adventure

We found ourselves at the pier
Dash got his cotton candy
Then Oh BABY!!!!!!!
It was my turn to go have some fun!
Watch out world!

Screaming California coaster!
It does a full loop!
so fast that you get glued to the head rest...and guess what?
Dove wanted to join me.

Well we went in and the elevator access (I often used) helped me care for my dear knee.
It also set us up ahead in line.
Then we were asked to go back and wait.
We finally got in...IN THE VERY FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!
I had no voice at the end and Oh I felt so good to let all that pent up stress out!
I whooped and hollered at top of my lung!
Lost my voice a bit for a good 48 hours.
But I sure was relaxed
Mommy stress buster
fast roller coasters!

We had our only Disney dinner out in the great burger joint on that side $$$$$$$
it was very good though with a big fixings bar of lettuce and tomato and such.

tired hot and ready to go back to the hotel we left.
We swam and showered

Steve and the kids played with the new toys we bought them
while I made a light supper in the room.

It was an awesome day!


Denise said...

Wish I could have been there with you sweetie.

JUST A MOM said...

yes pelase do stop by I should be home and done with my stuff by like 6ish?????

Alida said...

looks like you had such a great time!!

Amrita said...

You did all that in 95* temp.

That 's really hot.

Seems you had a lot of fun.

Annette said...

more fun to be shared....Thank you! I'm so happy that the people at Disneyland was kind and considerate to all of you, makes for a memorable trip. I LOVE roller coaster's, like there's no tomorrow, but please DON'T, and I emphasize DON'T put me on a Farris wheel, don't know why? yea, 95 is pretty darn hot for Anaheim, then you go to a place like that where there's lots of asphalt and people, makes it seem that much more hotter. I love the pictures.

Photo Princess said...

That Jedi training is very cool! I'm so glad he was chosen to do that. My little guy would have loved that too!! I showed him the pics.

Denise said...

I have to tell you that when I was watching Dash up there with the Jedi and Darth Vader and getting his certificate, I had tears.... I do know anyone else with special needs children and to watch you with your children and the joy in their lives I am thankful that they have you and your DH in their lives...... What joy it bring to the Father God to see HIS "special" kids laughing and enjoying the life that HE has given them...... You are a delight to know and your day three was so much fun to follow you through........

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