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Disney vacation part four April 20, 2009

"What is it"...
we asked the night before,...
" that your hearts wish for most? For this is our last day at the Park."
"What do you each desire out of the day."

Dove wanted more than anything to get Areal autograph
Dash agreed that he really wanted autographs too.

He also had a few rids in mind he longed to do.
Daddy man want to do a ride alone.

Again the day began at the breakfast table then the shuttle.
When we first entered the park I saw we still had enough cash to easily get them each an autograph book and a pen.

We were so BLESSED!
We walked right up to this

We walked to see if the POO was going to be out , and if so what time.
I worked with the fellow at the Poo ride some time getting the locations and schedule of characters.
We all went on the ride.
Then the three of them went off to do there own thing.
Then the Daddy Man took the kids and I walked around on my own for a while.
It was nice to be alone a moment or two. I was going to ride the train over to them but it was out of service so I took a leisurely stroll through the glass shops and saw some Russian crystal. Dash was born where the major crystal producer was. I recognized the stuff in an instant and struck up a conversation with a lovely woman.
The heat was already miserable.
That day it was to rise over 100*!

While they were with him ...

They saw this fellow!

but still...He snapped this...This is what I saw a lot of

She had been turned down the night before at the other park for a dinner with areal for the cost was $$$$40 per adult and $20 a kid, now mind you 11 years old there is an adult!
Now as much as our tender hearts would want to give this child a gift we were not willing to disrespect our hard earn income like that.
We had all gathered hands the night before and asked for a way.

Well that was the last of that unhappy face for the day!
That was also a lesson in faith for Dove.

We all gathered at the tinker bell spot and got these
It was so hot!She was so happy now!

Tinker Bell asked her if her brother was one of those shy boys?...
The photographer was setting him up for a picture against the mushroom and Tinker Bell slipped over!
Oh I just love this shot!

so the boys set off to ride the Indy ride one more time and we again waited in line.
We were almost the last one to the front before she left...
The day before that had happened to Dove several time.
I begged not, mercy given!

This is for her best friend, It was very important to her to get a picture of Jasmin.
Oh she was just jumping up and down!!!

We took a hike back over to poo...
While the boys were on the ride (in line) we were able to do all of this!


look at that happy child!
This was the moment of the trip that I cherish most with Dove.
Look at her joy!

Her face...she relaxed.
Well we all met up again and decided to exit the park until night fall...
We had ice in our bandannas.
It was dangerously hot.
I saw two stretchers with paramedics.

On the way out

Steve stood in line for the duck and I stood for the Minny Mouse.
I let one person ahead and then they ran over they were the second from the last to get the autograph before she left.

We turned around to leave and
Utter giddy glee
Their mutual favorite dude!

Too hot!
We took this shot and went back to the hotel.
The children swam, I fixed us all lunch out of the hotel refrigerator and the microwave.
I fell asleep hard for a good 45 minutes and then they all came back from the pool.
We all showered and then dressed.
We watched some TV
after the sun was almost down we loaded up with water and snacks and headed back over.
rest time

We decided to ride the train until the sun went down.
It made it to the "tomorrow land" side we got off and drove the cars.
How fun!
Dash drove me and Dove drove Steve.

It was a blast!
We hung out in tomorrow land they rode the star tours ride a few times while I sat and watched the popcorn maker till he had a new batch and purchased the kids a souvenir bucket each of corn.
That corn lasted until the next days car ride home.
Dash was so thankful for the corn, he asked twice for it and waited for the right time.

Dash and I watched a "Hunny I shrunk the kids " think. It was alright. He was once again stuck with mom because I can NOT do the ride "star tours" Amazed that Dove let her hair down and wanted to go alone with Daddy Man one more time.
His jaw dropped!
She felt so proud to overcome and show her daddy she could do it.
Look at that face!
Happy child.

We enjoyed our time and stood in our last line.
It's a small world ride.
Now Dove was scared again, it took half the ride for her to relax.

When we were in the line, I went and purchased some sorbet cones.
They had been on dry ice and were just solid.
By the end of the ride we all walked the park and ate the cold pops.
It was perfect ending.
Being so hot we decided to say good by to Disneyland.
We went back to the hotel and played in the room some, then went to sleep.

Many other things occurred throughout the day...
My mind will recall.
I will visit this post again to add things.

It is my hope to show this to the kids one day.


Denise said...

This is so precious. Your children will remember this trip forever. I love the joy.

JUST A MOM said...

I am so glad you guys had so much fun,,,, tomorrow sounds good I am not moving for the most part. BUT give me a ring before JUST IN CASE!

Corey~living and loving said...

I love love love to hear of the JOY!!!!!

Amrita said...

Nice round up of the day. You guys had a lot of fun in spite of the heat.

Annette said...

When I saw all the pictures of your 2 little angels smiling all I could was get all teary eyed, it made me happy too see them having a great time, I love the laughter and smile of sweet children. You could tell Dove was starting to feel relaxed in the pictures, she knew things now, not so new to her any more uh? When our babes are happy, mom & dad are happy too, no matter what the age is. I LOVE Micky, when I saw his picture I started to cry, I'll tell you the meaning behind him one day. I am so happy all of you had this beautiful time together, memories where made...and Thank you again for allowing me to join in on the fun...

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