Friday, January 2, 2009

Save and it will be there when you need it.

Dishes this morning.
Let me list the meals dish by dish.
In the last two days...
Leg of Lamb
steamed sweet potatoes, beans.
turkey and dumplings.
pancakes, 20 pounds of beef ground and bagged.
A 3 pound meat loaf was baked.
Apple crumble, grilled cheese, grilled turkey.
Pop corn, ground coffee.
Two pans used to bang in the new year.
Four breathing treatment mouth pieces, communion elements.
Various dishes for the dishwasher was undergoing a cleaning with a solution that must be used with an empty machine.
Plastic containers from used left overs. Cereal bowls coffee pot and so forth...
By days end I was just to tired after shopping and grinding and cooking to see to them.

You might of thought me kidding last night...
started at 10 a.m.

I was startled that at 10:45 to have them done.

I get to do it all again but each day I make three home cooked meals from scratch.
Every day! This is working for me and not another boss who had to be bowed too.
I take joy in all this hard work for it is the pleasure that is the gain in all the day.
Ecclesiastes says so...
The satisfaction of a job well done is it's own reward.

Made a huge effort for My Beloved was suffering a head ache.
I really wanted to encourage him.
A challenging day ahead of us was to be had.

The satisfaction of a job well done is it's own reward.

He was so bad, but recovered by 11:30 just in time for us to get the truck to the repair shop.
I made a lunch of freshly ground hamburgers on toasted buns, with fresh melon.
With the savings in hand, and the money for my new tooth.
Letting go of that gave me a stressed few moments.
I remembered that we will save up fast for it after the first week of January was over.

We found our self's around the kitchen table trying to
"Love the Lord with all our minds".
Choosing to thank HIM and pray for others who are suffering around us.
We were taking turns remembering the things we have witnessed, the things we have heard of, and the things things that are up right.

Finally (it says) ...think on these things...
Often, when hanging by a thread, I remember this.
We took turns telling what miracles what honorable and upright things , telling each other what is good holy and honorable.

Then the phone rang...It was a woman in a bad way,... and I included her in our game.
She thanked me.

Then we were off.
We dropped the truck off at the shop.
The fellow gave us favor of $10. off when we were to come back later to have the car aligned.
We were off to get the tires for the car.

Because we were obedient to save an emergency fund...

we were able to use it to get the tires for the car and get the work done on the truck.
Much of it was done by my darlings own hands.
Not a knuckle was scraped.
The fellow at the tire shop, then gave us a coupon for a 10% discount for the very place that the truck was being worked on.
I stayed for the two and a half hours, and the family walked home.
Once the car tires were finished, I got the family.
The truck was fetched by all of us.
I drove the kids home and started supper.
My Mr stayed to wait for the car to be aligned.
The $10 plus the $35. (the 10%) off gave enough left over to go get the new power steering pump tomorrow.
We have all that we have need of.
Yet again.

Tonight My Darling and I rested in each others arms watching a show.
I looked at him and he at me .
There, is all that we have need of.
We smiled and relaxed a bit.

Some french long loaf was sliced for the french toast in the morning.
14 little eggs cracked, soy milk, cardamom and a bit of clove to soak overnight on the bread.
We will have a feast in the marrow.

We found ourselves humbled before the children.
Showing them the trust they too must find in remembering all that they have witnessed,
and talking about it to keep a fresh outlook in times of challenge.

Out of our hands now in two days has flown just over $1000. of unexpected expenses.
We had that saved for just an emergency.
We will now once again build that back up after we regain the 300 for my new tooth.
The tooth being a priority now.

Why do I say all of this?

Perhaps...just perhaps by sharing my experiences , strength and hope
you might find an encouragement.
"Remember" with all that is within you;
the things you have heard and seen and witnessed in HIM.
May it pull you too though the muck.
Get a hold of this Dave Ramsey stuff it is really changing our lives.
To live through this with a knowledge of where we are and what we have to do to stay on track.
We have a calm that is amazing really.

Both autos will be in good working order with new tires on them both.
We will continue to budget a percentage toward future repairs.
This is so much better than winging it.

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Denise said...

You are awesome.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

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• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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