Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

After another morning of homemade breakfast

It was a day of errands...

This morning a wonderful man called.
It was the produce fellow that I have befriended.
He called to tell us that he had some scraps for the chickens.
I had Dash come along for some alone time with him.
We stopped at Wal-mart for some pine shavings for the coop.
I had remembered a gift card I had with a few dollars on it.
We walked out of the store spending only .44 cents...

We went over to the bank and I started my envelope system for saving.
We are doing the Dave Ramsey thing.
After the withdraws I was thrilled to see
that at years end we met our half way goal to the tree months of income emergency savings.

Saying no, pays off!
We went over and Dash and I met the fellow holding the lettuce scraps for us.
Two large boxes enough to feed the chickens all week!

We came home only spending .44 cents and the tasks done.

After a lunch of various left overs of everyone's preferences...

We took all the boxes of give away to the "Good Will". Dash stayed with the Daddy Man, and then Dove hopped into the car with me.
It was nice to have some alone time with her. She is growing up so fast.

I followed Mr U too one auto center (that had closed down and was vacant) then to another.
We were off to go tend to the Recall notice (FREE REPAIR)on the truck.
When we dropped it off the fellow asked if we might like the truck washed
He did it for FREE!
We left it there for an hour or so.

We then went to Wal-mart on that side of town (I had followed in the car).
With the two coupons we got in the mail at $40. each we found the converter boxes for $49.00
each including the remotes! Out the door with over $108.. in goods for $27.77 (taxes!) : {
Now we have the converter boxes in hand and ready for the switch come February .

P.S. don't wait until the last minute folks they were few on the shelf.

So when we went to get the truck we were hit with some news...
The truck might need some work to the tune of $500.!
We will get another opinion to make sure it is on the up and up.
Steering arms are shot.

We followed each other home and then I took off with the kids to a book store that they had been given gift card too.
Thank you Uncle.
They made the purchases as I did my best to let them take their time.

Home by 6 p.m. and starving a menu change was in the works.
A quick prayer and a faster image place in my mind.
It was awesome!
Turkey on multi-grain with mayo. and home grown lettuce and canned cranberry sauce! WOW!
Plates were clean! A large mellon was also sliced up on the side.
We all wathed a movie on the computer and had a nice family night.

Enough erronds?
It felt nice to get out the weather was perfect!

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Denise said...

Busy day dear one.

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