Sunday, October 14, 2007

Were Back!

Good evening all!
Wow that was a nice time in the forest with each other. We had a lot of challenges that we had to overcome however.
Sweet Beauty my Miss Fiction fell car sick on the road up. Sweet baby had no moderation and when we pulled over to check on her let her out a moment. I massaged her a bit with a hug and moved out of the way in the nick of time and then held her road side while all that she had in her removed itself. After cleaning her up and letting her sit up front we continued another hour to the high rim country. She was ill with dry heaves all afternoon and into the early evening. Dramamine finally kicked it in time for her to join the camp fire hour with us. So sweet baby ill. I just thought of Jackelyn and prayed for her momma and her . One afternoon of my daughter ill and I was a helpless wreck. Daddy man was so good with her too. He really helped with the pan emptying and such finally she slept. I got so mad at the enemy for hassling my child a had a bit of a fit! I was just frustrated. I thought about Job wondered if he must of got angry when he watched his family suffer . I guess I was feeling a bit sorry for all the battle at hand and the effects of stress it was causing all of us. So for the first several hours I was not sure if we would be packing up and heading home. She was too sick to travel.

Like my beloved said this will pass, it did.
We had a nice fire and marshmallows too. The milky way was right over the top of us where the canopy opened to a starlit night that just put living in the city to shame. Oh it was breath taking!
The kids set up a "Teribithia" encampment near by. Oh what wonder.
I watched as my family went to go visit W>W> (walk wall) This was a spot discovered in the summer past. Our campsite was deeper in the woods this time nearby the last one we stayed at. Then it dawned on me... If I was careful I might join them. So silently I followed far behind with care and ease I found myself HIKING! YES! hiking on this sweet new found freedom of a knee I am recapturing. JOY! I made it to the top> Oh but Miss Fiction was not so pleased she was worried over me. I am so glad that this can end. My child should be freed of worry over her Mother injuring herself. So we were able to address this fear. It was beautiful up on the rim looking North. On the top of the world. My beloved helped me down using switch back maneuver I very carefully slowly climbed down. Muscle still week and sore but the joint was like a well oiled cog. It worked effortlessly and without that tormenting pain I have lived under for so long. It was awesome! Yet another worm that was denied the right to rob me any more!

Oh so much to tell.
I am waiting on the down load for the pictures.
I have the last shot tomarrow in my knee. So I will have a lot of post fodder this week, while I lay low for three more days.


Anonymous said...

So sorry for the rough start and the hurdles; but God surely provided in many ways. Hiking!! How exciting that must have been.

Denise said...

Welcome home, so glad you enjoyed the camping trip. I hate that your dear one got carsick. I love you.

Amrita said...

So Sorry to hear Miss Fiction had a rough time ...and she was worried about her Mommy thru all that!What a sweet heart.
but I am happy you all got together and had a lovely family time.
Pray your knee heals fast.
Thank you for your comments. Yes living in a pagan enviroment is very difficult and its painful to see intelligent well educated people giving in to false philosophies and idol worship.We have temples all aound, we pray for protection. the office of an anti-christian organization is just a block away. said...

Sorry your little girl got so sick! But it sounds like you had a good time when things calmed down!

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