Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wow clean rooms x3

What ever got into me left three bedrooms clean! The kids rooms looked like a war zone. Each kid went through all of their clothing and each filled a large lawn and leaf bag FULL! This is something that I have wanted to do . It was today that I felt well enough to do it. My Master suite was well cleaned two weeks ago but was beginning to slip. So it was not too hard to do. Just wiping down the bathroom and vacuuming and dusting it.
But the kids oh oh oh oh!
Dash got on board when he saw me getting set to help him. I could tell he really wanted to be with me. He had come into my room ( after I was all but finished) and asked if he could help. We finished up and headed to the combat zone. MERCY! I do not think that there was a toy in it's place. All toys were set off floor into a big box. He did all of that, then the papers and trash. He had to empty the recycle can two times! We went through all of the clothing he had in his closet set to grow into. We have been so blessed with hand me downs or overs for the kids. Now he fit into several of the things. New to him he was having a pretty good time for a boy trying on clothing. He is VERY conservative and shy so I set the closet up as a dressing room. It was like we were in a store trying on clothing. Only two pair of pants were too large and set again aside for him to grow into. The rest JOY he found another pair of jeans. This may sound strange with him being 10 but this is the first year his little hands can manage a jeans button. Now the snaps he can not work yet. But a boy in jeans for the first time...he is growing up and his hands are working better for him. Fine motor is one of Dash's special needs. They have always given him trouble. So with his sheets changed we were set and I rested some.
It was then while resting I realized that Dove was longing for me. She will need to be 'fished' out. I have learned to read the signs. It is a little tag and then quickly goes to start something else as if she did not really need me. After going in to her at the computer and saying to her  "I want to be with you, I waaaant to be with youooo...
She took the hook, but did not move. Going into her room was overwhelming. Thinking of her heart the work began. As I was working something caught my eye under her bed. You see Dove is so good about cleaning her I thought. As I grabbed the thing under her bed along came 10 other things one dangling...then grabbing it it just kept coming! So gently very gently (I just had the second set of knee injections Thursday) managing to get down on the floor I laid on my back reaching behind the under the bed drawers...well by the time I hit about half way I called Steve in. We called her in and gave her the 'what for about deception. He took off the mattress and the base board only to find so much more including Steve's bible that had gone missing. Then began the hard work and together we spent the late afternoon well into the evening sorting and cleaning. Needless to say the laundry will be mass Monday morning.
Well now understanding about all the missing stuff. 'She rat holes' stashing things weird things. Its the reactive thing in part that she will keep things that are important to us. It makes her feel connected some how. She is not malicious with it, just makes her feel good. Sorta cool it was our bibles.  Daddy man had her open the tupperware container ") haahaa try to pull that old trick and you can puke after the smell. So with clean sheets on both beds all the things in the rooms that are really wanted. The things that are finished being of use in the garage sit I with my leg elevated and a contentment that is like a great balm.

Now tomorrow 
'A day of rest' 
iced with mission competently accomplished!


Elizabeth said...

Wow Donette,
You got a lot done. I love it when I get my home organized. Have a wonderful day of rest.Dave is feel much better. Thanks for asking.

Denise said...

My busy lttle bee, bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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