Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday *education*

A huge part of homemaking for me is continued education. Today there is the opportunity for me to learn about a new appliance. For several years this uncommon kitchen has longed for a food dehydrator. Or better said this woman has. With a garden and the desire for ease in the kitchen I began to study dehydration for food stores last year. This is not the top of the line unit but it was FREE!

Yes free. The fellow who blessed me with so many many things this month also gifted me with his food dehydrator. It was set for the thrift shop, "if you can make use of it" said he


So today's tackle is to research this unit and learn about it.
The internet is an awesome tool for such things. By identifying the unit and setting to search for it often the manual can be found on line. We have found even one for my 1950's sewing machine. It is really amazing what you can find. So never decline something just because you do not have an instruction manual for it.

Today is also a day of data entry and check writing for bill payments. I do not believe in letting ANY institution EVER into my checking accounts. Well I do let the mail order pharmacy automatically refill and bill me. However they DO NOT HAVE AUTOMATIC access to the funds.
Writing checks seams to be a lost art. However it is like holding cash, in that you are very aware of how much you are spending. It is a 'in you face' accountability (in so many ways) of all of your funds. What are you spending this month on utilities on a  daily basis? Do you know? If it is auto deducted do you ever really stop and look at the bill? Who is the person working for that utility? Do you know them personally? Then why do you let them have their hands on your funds? 
At what cost?
With identity theft at an all time high think about it.
Hand writing can really be a wonderful artistic art. On your bills when you send a check write the account number on the memo. I have a little smiley stamp that I use. A paid in full stamp is used on the bill ONLY after I have reviewed it. That is how I know how much is spent daily for a utility. Keeps the habit of lights off. Think of it, if you are aware of just how many dollars your shelling out a day wouldn't you stop someones hand from taking your money out of your pocket.
By...say... 'turning the lights off'?

On the outside of the envelope use a sticker offer that poor old discouraged employee who is opening hundreds of envelops a day at minimum wage a little beauty in their day.
Your kindness will be remembered.
Often it has caused favor to come upon me.

Well happy day to ya!


Susie said...

Great tackle!!

Anonymous said...

I love to learn too. I am an old fashion pen and paper person too. I like writing my checks and sending them in the mail. I don't like the computer for writing letters or paying bills.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to Tackle-It Tuesday and took the "cleaning" approach. But I've seen so many different ideas, like people that have tackled new recipes and now yours... tackling new appliances or something you need to learn more about. Good for you!

e-Mom said...

You're the consummate homemaker, Donetta. Love all your tips! Our kids ate a lot of fruit leathers when they were little, purchased at a health food store. Sadly, I never did own a food dehydrator.

BTW, when you have a minute, come pick up your Sunshine Award at Chrysalis ღ.

Blessings, e-Mom

Denise said...

Awesome tackle.

Amrita said...

Your dehydrater looks cool. A missionary had a one made like a wooden cabinet and used it in the sun.

Debra said...

What a fun post. Love your dehydrater so much! I, too, write checks, tons of them for tons of bills. ...heh... :)But I always use cash whenever I go shopping. Just the way I've always been, though. Blessings, Debra

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