Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hundreds believed sickened by tainted eggs!

A total of 380 million eggs have been recalled since last week because of concerns they may be tainted with the potentially deadly salmonella bacteria, the Egg Safety Center said.
Salmonella, which is generally contracted from contaminated poultry, meat, eggs, or water, impacts the intestinal track.
Symptoms include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps, which typically begin within 12 to 72 hours, according to the CDC. Vomiting, chills, headache and muscle pains may also occur, according to the Mayo Clinic. These symptoms last about four to seven days, and then go away without specific treatment in healthy people. Antidiarrheal medications may help with cramps, but they may also prolong the diarrhea, the Mayo Clinic said.

So anyone else want to have a few chickens?
Mass production creates mass epidemics. The old agrarian culture has a lot to say for itself. The indulgence of ease can often place us in a dependent position to our own harm. We have 5 chickens was six but lost one. We have had almost 1200 eggs over two years. Do I need to purchase feed? Yes at $14. a bag for a month. They also eat kitchen scrap, fertilize my garden, entertain and educate my children. They are pets that produce. We need no rooster for the girls lay without. The only need for rooster is if chicks are desired. In the city we can not have one. They tend to be ornery things anyhow. Some folks like to eat fertile eggs. Well not I. The eggs are a deep yellow almost orange yoke. Although my little bantam (breed) chickens lay eggs that are only half size they are so nutrient dense it is like eating two eggs. They are filling. The hutch was a bit of an investment. We have a tractor hutch now under a canopy. The girls are not free range due to the hawks. One sat on the hutch one day not 3 feet away on the outside of the widow I was sitting near. Good warning.

So learn more about having your own chickens. Gain some independence . Begin to be more dependable toward your own needs. Who can you trust more? If there is not a way to do this then be sure to get farm eggs if your able. If this is yet not an option take your health into account and perhaps just use a powdered egg product for cooking and baking.


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing sis.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

We have chickens and I love them. We had 21 chickens but one died on Monday. I guess it just got too hot. We have gotten them more access to water. And my husband bought a plastic thing that I think are used under washers to catch water if it leaks. It is about 2 - 3 inches deep. And we have filled it with water too. They seem to be doing pretty good. Of course egg production has gone way done.
Chickens are great to have. It is so relaxing to watch them. Enjoy your chickens,
Lisa :O)

Denise said...

We are thinking about a chicken coop!

Good morning girl....... I think of you often.... Praying for you !

ohiofarmgirl said...

I think I was one of those that got sick. I had breakfast at a local eatery and had I did not feel good for three I know why! Dianntha

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