Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First day of school a sucess!

Homework table

It is so important to have the congruency and consistency established straight off.

So today a table was set up in the living room for the kids. 
This is the same table used for gaming this summer.
It is set up with both college and wide rule paper
as well as spelling sheets and math practice sheets, sharp pencils and a stapler. 
They will leave the planners on the table to be signed when the assignments are done. 
This way it is a new routine that will continue the good success and mindless morning rush.
When finished back packs by the door.
Every day the same way.

The kids were directed right to it when they came in. Paper task and hand writing task finished straight away. The Grandmother of a kid that is friends with Dash asked for help so I had two extra kids this afternoon. Both of mine had a good report of their first day of class. Both really like their teacher. The bus was very late and there was a line up in the office to call home for rides. The principal saw my two waiting and offered them to use HIS office phone. While Dove was calling he asked Dash if he knew the capital of Cuba..."Havana" answered he. Then he was given a highlighter for his reward. He was very proud of it. Dash did his reading after the boys left. That kid is in 4th grade reading ...Lord of the ring! He finished 50 pages in his half hour reading time. Dude! Wow I am impressed.

I'll have them get tomorrows clothing out. It was so awesome to have that all set this morning. They love school! oh how wonderful a blessing this is for us, for them. The peace was so wonderful. There was only a 5 minute stress moment for Dove. It passed quickly however for she actually improvised and used a different belt. That is huge for a teen to be able to let go of what they want to use.
WOW a 13 year old and a 10 year old up and ready before breakfast with 15 minutes of sweet play together before and after breakfast. I love being a mom. These two played so wonderfully and silly tonight. The break from each other really made for a nice evening of enjoyment. They even ate all their supper and thanked me for a yummy dinner.

Canned chicken, rice with some frozen mixed vegetables. Added was some of the dehydrated mushroom powder and herbs. It was simple with raw orange bell peppers on the side. Plates were clean! Dove then served us some desert and picked up all the plates after!  She was telling me about a friend who has 12 chores to do every day. She was stunned at how much her mom made her do. Now she is doing it as well as her other chores all on a voluntary generously kind manner...Without even being asked!!!!!!!!

I am blessed. Today the fellow loaded up the truck with a FULL bed or rich garden soil. Tomorrow my knee shots. The EEG went well this morning. I'll learn results on Monday morning. It is routine so no real concerns.


Susie said...

Happy First Day of School:-)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Donetta,
I so understand. My husband takes infusions every 6 weeks for his illness. They are to kill his immune system so it doesn't keep attacking his body. He hates needles. So he takes his DVD or sleeps. I am just an email away if you need to talk.

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