Saturday, August 14, 2010

Craigslist Reduce~ Reuse~Recycle for free

Every Morning first thing and also throughout the day we check the Craigslist adds for FREE listings.
Looking for the East Valley or at least a reasonable drive and calling if it is something we can well make use of.
Last night Steve came in to ask me about a portable neutralizer if we were interested I jumped on it. Dash and I both have Asthma. Now Traveling will be a 'breeze' ha pun intended. Now mind you this was free it is a rather costly thing to purchase. Note also it had been requested some time back with a "hay God it would be cool if..." .

Having new gardens The need for good planting and potting soils is a constant. Last week we got a garden sink and several hoses, a pork roast, a whole turkey and this...a long bed pick up fill of  quality soil. Now this is soil that the fellow got while working at a home store. It is all Miracle Grow. High end stuff. The man was moving and had to get the rental back into original state. He had four raised beds full of it. We made friends and his darling four year old wheel chair bound child and my kids really hit it off. With my knee injections there was a concern I would miss out on it. This kind soul had it all loaded including the big black pots. ALL FREE  More wonderful was the interactive humanity.
His wife was already in Texas so I sent along two pair of earrings for her that I had made.

There was enough potting soil to fill this pot. I had been wanting to do that but was low on the list to purchase potting soil.

All three of these large black pots were full of potting soil and then some.
That bald spot in the yard is calling for a tree.
He gave me this bench last week and the broken pot is a gift many many years ago from my SILove and her family as a house warming gift.
It is also filled with the potting soil.

The soil also filled the arbor bed a good 4 inches more. 
Now that flower bed is a good 6 inches deep of high end miracle grow.
Think of the cost if we purchased it.
Just one black pot is a good 50 pound bag.

Ready now to be leveled and planted in 3 weeks.
In three weeks it will be perfect time my knee shots will be done for another year, and the next infusion will be over as well. I will be set just in time to plant the fall crops.
This bed has settled by half. It was straw based last year and I had to fill it to use it this fall. Look at that it is all but ready once we add the compost. Now that is some happy soil.

We were also able to fill the Iris bed. 

I also look under wanted and find things that might be bartered.
Looking under wanted you might just find something another needs that you now longer have need of.
Reduce~ Reuse ~Recycle


DeclutterLady said...

Great ideas! Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like without Craig's list!

Denise said...

Wonderful ideas sis.

Denise said...

I have never been to Craigs list.. No idea what in the world it is.. I think I will go there and take a look..

As I have said many times here on your blog..... You are such an inspiration to me........ You are queen MOM and wife today! You are!!!

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