Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First day of school

Good Morning!

Oh their off
The first quiet morning since the end of May.
It is so nice to see them in good spirits about starting school. Lunches made bellies full. Last night I cooked up a big 5 pound roll of sausage into patties and some crumbles. So with an English muffin and mayo, an egg cooked within a stainless steal ring Dash had a home made sausage Mom muffin. Baked up a fast batch of blueberry muffins for Dove. Juice and the vitamins, calcium 'C' and omega supplements the little bodies are ready to learn and have this adventure called the first day of school.

The infusion went better than the first one. It is our hope that eventually the IV anti nausea medication can be dropped for it knocks me out. My strength is returning. Overdoing it yesterday did not help but the energy was there to do it. It, being grocery shopping for a month. The last big shop was in May. I don't shop much in the summer. With our heat it does not make good practice. The pantry and freezers were emptied of the old fodder. So now it will all be new. Non to fast we were down to the last roll of toilet paper. I get it at Costco in a 36 roll industrial size. I had to get it accomplished for the morrow brings the first of three bi-lateral knee injections of synvisk. One series a week for three weeks in a row. Then the next infusion will be the last week of the month. A three week interval as to get a schedule set that works with my life. That way I will not be forced to miss the American Sewing Guild meetings. It is a thing I do just for me to keep my skills up and for fellowship of like minded folks.

Today an EEG will be done at 10 a.m. to keep watch on the spots on my brain. The neurologist just wants to do that once a year to watch for any changes. My speech patterns are getting a little strange at times. Very often many many times a day I will use a visual word of something I am looking at when efforts to share thought instead. The kids are beginning to get used to me doing it. Although I offered to help in the class rooms I think I might just back out. Stress just seems to exasperate it.

The sweet Lord provided a load of FREE quality garden soil from the fellow that I got the garden sink from. I was to go help load it today but my back is angry at me over the grocery shopping yesterday. With kids in tow (shoot me!) and the lead in adds $130. was out of pocket and $140 was free. Over 50% off for the coupons were doubled and also they honored competitors coupons. Then I went over to the Costco and got $300. worth of papers, can goods and freezer foods for easy preparation over the next month. Readied the house for the next 20 days of inactivity from me. Steve will easily be able to heat and serve. I was made able to accomplish it all. Ya!

So today the EEG and with gooey hair (hat required) I'll drive over to load the dirt. The fellow has a wheel chair bound little 4 year old boy. Calling him this morning I found out that several of his buddies went there last night and he put them to work loading all the garden soil from his raised beds into barrels and tubs. Bless God with an angry back I was sweating it a bit this morning. He is a renter and has been transferred to Texas. He will be fined if he does not return the property to original state so we each benefit. It all works out and everything matters to God as it should to us. Then home shower the goop out of my hair and rest until the kids get home. Although my strength was returned pacing it is in order. With the first injections tomorrow rest is best so it responds easier. Steve is taking tomorrow off! Bless him he is exhausted. Last three weeks his two bosses over him were on vacation. He needs a rest too. So he will drive me two and from. I was wondering how that was going to work. I thought that I might have to drive myself home. Oh it is such a sweet relief to know that will not be the case.

  With the kids back to school I am hoping to have time to blog again.
As you all know the kids come first.
Summer is about being there for them first.


Annette said...

you have had a very busy week from what I read on the other post!! Man, I just dont know how you do it sometimes, seriously. I love to see pictures of Miss. Dove & Sir. Dash, they are the cutest ever!

LOVE & Hugs to all~
Love ya

Susie said...

I know what you mean. Blogging goes by the wayside when the kids are home:-)

Denise said...

Wishing them much love and success.

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