Saturday, September 4, 2010

Turning two old ovens into one new one.

Time stopped!
Oh yes it did. 

While redecorating the kitchen wall time dropped from the sky and hit the stove top dead on to corner of the wall clock. It shattered the control panel. After much searching the panel is not only $250+ but is not even made any more. Feeling so sheepish that I would hammer a nail in leaving the clock on the other nail so as not to have to climb up and down a ladder any more than necessary the clock fell off of the nail. Now I knew the clock had broken hands. How that thing did not break the glass I do not know. I did not even realize the stove top shattered until lunch time and the face of it looked strange. Then after looking closer at it oh I realized quite clearly what had happened. I just felt sick about it.

Knowing me as many of you do you understand how beloved this convection oven is to me.
Shattered the integrated control was spent. No way to just remove the glass.
Funny thing is that we really sorta disliked this interface from day one.

Steve searched and searched and then found the same make, year model with the back splash knobs and a touch control without the integrated glass.

I was so sick to think of the loss of my beloved stove.

When we purchased the stove the kids were little and the idea of the burners set back was ideal.
The face however when leaned against would beep or turn on.
Many a time Steve would express disdain over the design.
The other day I wished that the left front burner might be smaller. For the small burner was all the way in the back. Note the new one. The double burner was to the back right on the old one.

Old One

New One
The new one has a double burner on the left front. Perfect!
It has a center warmer, and a simmer control to make precise the temp of the right front.

The old oven had this lower element for the self cleaning feature. We never use self cleaning for household safety reasons. It is just too hot of a technique to use. The lower element was also what made the oven hard to clean. The oven racks are exactly the same! Now I have 5 of them!

The new to me oven had a badly dented handle and the door was damaged.

We simply swapped the doors!
Our old one the exact as the new to me one!  

Look at that new gasket!
It is very apparent that this oven was not used.

 The old door on the new to me oven will need cleaning but it is a real sturdy door. Steve said that the other door broke when he took it out to the garage.
Note how used my old one is the gasket is in pretty bad shape. The oven is pretty dirty
All of the things I did not like about my old one was on the new to me one. 
Amazing thing is that it was only $229. no tax!

So the other funny thing is that the clock on the new oven does NOT work!
The timer does for the kids however.

Now is that just the strangest thing?

All in all the time I spent tormented over the dumb mistake I made...well it turned out to really be a good thing . The old oven was very well used. The new to me one was rarely even turned on I think. 

All the parts were interchangeable and between the old and new to me one well it is all fixed up.
Here I was belittling myself for being such a princess when it looked like I was about to down grade my favorite stove/oven.

I love how well cared for this princess of the living loving king of kings is tendered.

Who knows maybe
time did stand still 
long enough for the desires of our hearts to come into place.

The heart of the home is the oven.
At least this home.


Denise said...

So glad that everything worked out.

Susie said...

That's hilarious that the new clock didn't work!

Denise said...

Well, when I show up at your door I expect some tasty baked cookies, cakes and what ever else you can come up with....... Glad things worked out for you......

JUST A MOM said...

Hey you I come by and read but am so stinking busy and tired these days I seldom comment. I use my waking hours to rest my poor old body, and now school. I will at some point stop by promise.

Angie Knight said...

I couldn't help but smile while I was reading. I know you were glad to have everything slide back in place! ;)

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