Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sewing Room part one


My Sewing Room/Studio is on the East/South-East of the bogua
The Fortune section of the grid. Colors are suggested as Purple Blue green accent yellow and white.
Using some ideas off the study the realization that having my work station facing the wall has really bothered me for good reasons. The air conditioning unit is on the outside of this wall.

It vibrates. The counter was resonating the sounds and facing it was a real irritating hum of items on the wall.

The clutter was a real issue even though I tried to subdue it.

After my first attempts failed me using the fabrics on shelf this was the next effort.
Even though I love the color it was still wrong. I found it too boring and unpleasant. Sewing still was not attractive. The space just did not do it for me. Now this is an awesome room and the efforts were not to stop until success was accomplished.
The print on the wall is called 'solo flight' it is a sad image to me.
Removing all and any thing that gives unpleasant memory is an effort. The image of the 'young girl reading' has always been one of my favorite art master pieces.
Color was just not right. Too sedate, the color palate is off.

The study bent me into making the effort to turn this room into a comfortable place to work!
This week end we stripped it down and turned it around.
My sweet husband put a lot of effort into it. 
Now this is just for the sewing section so far.

(note the hole in the ironing board cover)
Glue guns must be unplugged! :)

Note the beading on the light fixture.

The unit is securely bolted to the counter top. This is an reused cabinet set. Often they can be found on Craigs list for free. This is the unit we purchased as a desk years ago when monitors were huge. It was for his office. We have moved it around the house a few times.

The wire  of the cabinetry makes it able to be plugged into the wall and then the outlets are placed around the unit. This was basic electrical work.
A new ironing board cover added at $9. so far the only added expense.

Stay tuned for the next installment.


Amrita said...

Oh Donetta you don 't subscribe that Feng Shuie philosophy- its Chinese- New Age- LOL. The Hindus have another one called Vastu Shastra.

BarbaraLee said...

Wow! That is a huge room. I am lucky if my kitchen is that big.

Amrita said...

You ar e right Donetta their decorations are nice. I wanted to buy a crystal lotus- Chinese but it wa s too expensive so i let it go.

Some poeple remodel their homes to suit vastu or feng sheui. They hav e feng shuie an d vastu consultants here and archetects who charge a huge fee to advise people.

Denise said...

Wow sis.

Annette said...

Busy, busy bee's....
It's looks so nice, I miss not having a extra bedroom for this computer and thats one of my ideas for Johns room when boot camp is done and hes stationed some where but in the mean time it stays put and I'm liking that cause it's reminding me my baby is still home..cant wait to see the next part.

Hugs to all~

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