Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Putting up corn to freeze

Yesterday was well spent putting up corn
 Set up is the best method for success and a smooth operation.
See the awesome new antique enameled pan. I love it!
It has NO rust. Must be a good 40 years old.

So after cleaning by husk and silk removal.
An ice bath and boiling pot set to go. 
4 minuted submerged with a heavy pan to hold them down.

 Iced cooled and dried in a cycle the whole job was done in less than a half an hour.

 Cooked dried was lifted to the cutting stage.
Cut half way deep then scrapped to hard ear.
The scrap produced cream corn with the hearts of the kernel

 By using the back of the knife scrape the cob hard in a down ward motion

 all off cob

 Into freezer bags
creamed corn ready for next menu
  Got the laundry soap done for the next few months.
By adding Tea Tree oil to it (just a few drops per bottle)

Monday I finished Doves new top
I am not to pleased.
she is

Monday was also a day of tag trying to work out a new schedule and getting over my nerve about having a new nurse doing the infusion. It was set for today but has to be moved.
Thursday will be the third infusion. Is was to be today but it was postpone. The pharmacy had not called to confirm. So I called and the woman I work with is on holiday. Good thing too. Although the MD ok'ed the 3 week interval this month, the insurance had not given pre authorization. I would of got hit for the $4000! God is looking after me. It has been a challenging week and it's only Tuesday. The new nurse called this evening after I called the agency back and they finally confirmed in time for the infusion to get overnight-ed for Thursday. The pharmacist was a temp and felt bad of the mix up. She even stayed after work to mix it set the kit and mail it off over night.

Monday the temporary buss driver threatened the kids, all of them. He had an error on his form and could not let the kids off. 12 kids were stuck walking way too far in this heat. I called the school after Dash running home in a panic called me to run to the bus for the man was threatening the children. Dash was particularly concerned about a little guy walking home so far. The buss driver would not hear of listen to the kids. Instead he threatened them and bad mouthed the regular driver (who we all adore) then threatened her job. It all came down to the man could of easily listened to the kids and then called in to confirm..I called the school to let them know that there would be many calls for the kids would get home late. Then I got transferred to the transportation supervisor.  I told him that my kids are not the kind of children who provoke a threat. That they are not accustomed to such behavior.

The Man was fired today.

I am sure I was not the only parent to call. However the supper was on the phone with the driver before I got back to the house. Telling the supper that he would be getting a call and trying to cover his actions. I stood ground on the phone and overheard the supper being told that there was an error on the form. If the driver would of just heard the kids. Instead he threatens them.


Denise said...

You are such an awesome mom, love you.

Amrita said...

I like Dove 's top, looks very Indian to me th e print I mean

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Please pray for her parents and family
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