Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fear closed minds

Hello My Dear Friends.
Lately my soul is pulled back within me trying to regroup around the house. See the things here are yet getting caught up after a year or two of illness setting me back. The master bedroom and bathroom have received a detailed decor rearrangement. The Feng Shui study of decor design has fascinated me for some time. I needed a study to burn off some mental energy and this hit the spot giving me some direction. The peaceful applications have made a HUGE difference here. With a mind that thirst for knowledge I have devoured the basic understanding. It is a blast!

This house sits almost perfect on the directional chart. Knowing of course that this may be an offense to some I have hushed it. I find that an open mind is a hard thing to find in church circles. The fear of the very elect being deceived is a blinding force that short changes us in this life time. I know of whom I belong. I love the passage about being ready in and out of season to give answer to what you believe in. Being ready removes the fear of the snake in the grass. So if the soil is sound and the grass nurtured just know that you will see if there is anything amiss. God would not allow it to slip our recognition.

That being said, truly Anglo Saxon Christianity is limited as well in this. We are told of man and tradition of what to think and speak to one another in such a way one might simply become silent to the joy's of life. This is not the act of God but of the thief of love. I have thought a lot of the indigenous peoples way of life being stripped in the name of Christianity. It must just make the prophets of old just roll over in their tombs. It just must make Abba curl up in sorrow to weep. The sweet name of Jesus being one again, as in the times of Israel, becoming a mockery to the masses who only see the limited view of the few. All the folk that might be willing to come into the fold if they just were not forced to sheer all of who and what they have known. If God is the creator of ALL then where can anyone of us get off rejecting without even understanding that a good soul might just be in that water we toss out.

All this to just be able to share the JOY of direction in reassembling this home after the attempted move of last year or so. Now It is so calm and serene. The rooms are much less cluttered. More color coordinated. The elements of earth wind fire metal balanced. Could it be that in the name of my sweet Christ Jesus that I would be so arrogant to walk into China or Tibet and tell them that the wisdom of old they have used to govern humility and character in their lives was all wrong just because our understanding be limited.  I remember dear Leslie who fed my hungry belly the avocado before she set that Bible in my lap. Suppose she would of made me eat something hard to swallow would I not of gagged on the word?

As an undiscovered Native American until my early 30's it was startling that over night literally, I was treated totally differently. One day a white woman embraced the next treated as a second class. It was a terrific gift to have discovered this. Since then my heart has kept in check to never refuse another culture and assume it evil just because it was strange or new to me. Suppose it is interesting to me that those experience of white woman turned second class and looked upon as a slide slipping downward slope. To understand now that to be raised up one must lower them self. That slide was a gift. Noses sloped are now a grief to me and not humiliation. It is such a pity when eye to eye we miss the wonder and the beauty of each culture. Each soul with all of the experiences and knowledge that is a vital part of understanding how to love.

So for the sake of dignity and self appreciation I declare! I love the wonder of Feng Shui. Now I am not fond of a into the mystic aspects but the color is awesome.
I am having a ball! My home is looking so awesome. My mind is thinking strongly. Ideas flowing, solutions resolved by and through relaxed reflection.

Open your mind. Simply know what you believe. Filter it with that, not rejecting out of fear. Fear is a torment. As is loneliness the greatest torture the human kind can ever know.  If you pull away from main stream Christianity it does not in any way make you less of a believer, a Christian. It is the fear reacted too, that makes Christianity so negative to those who so need to be drawn in.  Scriptures misused in such a way to exclude those who might think and respond to life differently than we do are being used to divide.

The enemy just loves to divide to concur.
Never let that happen.


Denise said...

Amen sis, amen. I love you.

Susie said...

For sure!

Annette said...

I love it and so very true....

Hugs to all~

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