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Tackle it Tuesday (chicken part 2)

See Putting up chicken part one here

Hello, Today is part two.

Now the stock sat a day...
It is now in this image congealed.
This stock is its own dose of 'glucoseamine conjointant'.
Do not even have to go to the drug store :)
Skim of the fat of the top and set aside.
This is now warmed a bit to be able to handle it.
Not hot just below room temperature.

The work station set up
(again do this before hand)
Time is important for nothing should ever be over 40* for more that 2 hours.

This is and antique ricer.
Go to thrift stores or antique outlets and if your fortunate grab up those good old tools.
They can now be hard to come by.

First remove the broth and strain it.

Setting solids aside.

I recycled (the now popular thing to do :) a cleaned juice container.
Once frozen the paper can just be torn away when your going to use it.
It will be a large cube to melt in a stew pot.
This a way of life many a year now for me.
Use what you have.

As with the lemon juice, I also freeze the chicken broth in cubes.
This is very handi for daily meal preparations.

Tip here.
Remember tho stagger your pot/bowls etc over the crack between stove and counter so you never have to move your stove out after a messy accident.
All of the root veggies were separated into the ricer.
No bones in here.

After an hour I had the bones out of all of the meat.
This is a patient woman's task. It is a task of love.

In the large bowl is only meat and broth.
This is the meat off the bones that were boiled down into the stock.
They were boiled with onions halved and garlic whole, celery root ends and cabbage heals. All the things that "modern"woman throw out in the trash.
As A girl it would have apaouled my elders if ever they saw me do such a thing.

With the veggies in the ricer...

All the flavors so intense and wonderful are pulled out and the solids tossed out.
These can NOT BE COMPOSTED, for there is meat in it.
It must just be tossed in the trash.

With a cleaned strainer I pressed out the broth and had meat seperated ...
This is used in three ways.
One...enchalada meat
Two...the soup to follow
Three...the gravy base to follow

soup jar
enchalada jar
gravey jar
and the liver pate' made before in part one.

Again all within an hour and a half.
Now lets get those tempratures back up or chilled fast.
The enchaladas to be made later.

For now the soup and the chicken giblet gravey
Welcome back in time folks...
This is how my elders would of done this.

The seperated fats earlier that were set aside...well very carfully tack a tablespoon or two of each and place in a hot pan.

For gavey
Be ready by having made a slurry of flour and water.
The liver pate' and a slauted spatula

sprinkle dry flour into the oils and broum it.
This happens fast, be ready...

now add some slurry

cook the slurry it will thicken ready...

add water or broth. I added water for I have the stock
well prepaired and it is a bit concentrated of flavor.

The old school trick to the best gravy.
Add some of the liver pate now and distill it into the liquid by pressing it down into the mix with the sloughtd spatula.
This is the flavor!
I know ,, i know it is gross and yuck and all...
Just trust me
The moto was
Waste not want not.
Also the American Indian had the character of respect for all things living and would not think to toss out something that another had given its life for.

In the soup pot...

While the gravy cooks and you are standing at the stove.
Time to be spent wisely...
In the hot oil add the veggies of root.
cellery onion, and carrot.
When the have sweated out and are ah dente'
Add your slurry (half water and half flour)

Watch the thickening will occure quickly and as it does keep an eye on the gravy
once thickened..

Be ready!
At paste...add the jar of broth and meat.
Stir well...
This is at paste

added are the herbs de France.

Gravy is nice and thick.
I cook with two hands. My time matters to me.
When it pulls away at a stir, add more water a little at a time.
This is gravey for two large family meals.

Soup had more mixed vegies, and noodles, sea salts.
It simmered another good hour or so.
Two meals for home and a meal too take to the Grand parents last Sunday.

While the broth warmed to room temprature the meats that were now
par frozen had to be bagged.

With the plastic wrap they lifted and were easily seperated. See that they do not touch each other on th sheets. Well get all the bags labeled (I used a wax pencle). I used a bag for each of the parts.

These are the tenders made from the breasts. These alone can be us to $9. a pound.
Remember these 4 birds were only $ .57 a pound whole.

Many , many meals represented here.
Two hours time for part two I get paid the big bucks to do this folks...or should I say I refuse (as long as I am able) to pay anyone else our hard earned bucks to do it "half hearted" for me.

Sunday brunch for the family at home.
We had old fasioned fried chicken with the tenders.
The gravy made was simply heated up.
Potatoes were mached and corn served along side.

1/3 c flour
salt and fresh ground peper...


All the dry ingredients in a baggie.
Shake it baby shake it.

Once chicken is cooked drain on toweling
Now after supper the toweling goes into the pan.
Dish washing is made simple, just wipe out and toss the towel into the trash and run under very rot water.
Well I hope that someone out there has gained a grain of knowledge shared.


After I rest a few days!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

Susie said...

Wow! Thanks so much for that post!

L2L said...

I am not only impressed with your ability to cook from scratch but this is an awesome post, great details, thanks!!! Going to have to book mark this one!!!~

FromThe Creek said...

That is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

~Sara said...

You did a Ton of work. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great lessons on using all parts of the chicken, we love to make a whole chicken in the crock pot and use it for several meals. Love enchiladas. I have a great recipe on my blog if your interested.

Annette said...

WOW! you sound and look like a wonderful cook! Allot of work, but then again love isn't measured in cups and tablespoons or time spent on it! Thank you for the gizard and liver part, I'll try it, I usually wind up cooking them and eating them!

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