Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rejoyce with me!!!!!!!

Our dear friend who has been unemployed for 6 months! has just been hired at Steve's employer!!!
They have both been great friends and have worked together as brothers (in the Lord ) for over 30 years.
They met years ago some 30 years ago as coworkers. Over the years the large company they were both employed with all but collapsed. 5 years ago my Steve was hired on where he works. Our friend has had a few different jobs and NOW THEY ARE WORKING
SIDE BY SIDE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on another note...
I have been having wonderful devotionals with the kids daily, Dove is getting to understand the truth that God pursues her. She believed a lie the old hell fire and brimstone...well she thought God was out to curse her to hell. A girl at her class had her convinced of it and she has been silently suffering with this for a while. As soon as she opened up I set to prayer. With Easter coming she is hearing of how Jesus reinvented pass over. The symbol isms of the covering , the pass over

Yesterday when I was exiting to go to Bible study I heard and saw an image about a request I had made some time ago. I asked God for a way that some day I might be able to replace the white pick up that Steve gave up in order to be able to transport Dove once we adopted her. He had dreamed of that truck many years and once we got it for him we then began the process. He only had it for a year or so. He loved that truck but of course as a parent set priorities right.

Well God reminded me of the request of it. It has been a real wound for us for the "cabin" camp pop up is too heavy for the four runner and we have had it set to sell over and over and it is not sold. Well....

This morning I had a flash of that request, I rejoiced and thought how wonderful He provides for us and thanked him and told him I still would love to do that for Steve some day. I told Him I can not see how, but I understood His ways are so much sweeter...thinking of the recent wheelbarrow.

I told Steve as he left for it flashed before my mind as I was in the driveway biding him farewell.

I walked the children to the stop and on the way back to the house...
An elder fellow was out in his drive. I never see open garages and the neighbors here are often like hibernating just never see them.
I greeted him...
I then noticed a huge hood sticking out of his garage for the auto was only half way pulled into the garage...
My eye caught a sign on the window...

You see where I am going with this:)

So I introduced my self, he and his wife are just two doors west of me. I have spoken greeting to his wife and middle aged daughter over the years but little more.

He showed me the truck
it is a '99 1/2 ton Chevy 4x4 WHITE pick up with a short bed. The bed has a hydraulic hard lid cover and liner it is CHERRY!!!!!!!!!
He has been the only owner and only used it to pull his little pop up camper!!!!!!!
He is only selling it because it is to small to tow the new trailer they got.
He is asking what we are getting back in taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We might just be having our hearts desire come true soon.
I shudder with the presence of the way God focused me just the day before to be ready to consider such a gift.

Steve and I are prayerfully considering receiving it and trusting to sell the other 4 runner to have a savings met.
We have not sold the trailer.


I am almost in tears I wanted so bad to keep my cabin (pop up camper)
It is the forest to me.
If you know me you understand the utter significance of that.

Holy holy holy is the Lord God almighty
Now I am really crying with the embrace of the root of my soul.

I let go of my home and it came back to me.
I let go of ever being a mom, and I got to adopt the wonderful children I waited 16, and 20 years for.
I let go of the camper for the stress it gave to my husband and may just be coming back to me too

Oh to take the kids to the forest and to teach them of the things of the spirit through the earth and all things living.

Just HOLY...
I cant see to type...:)
I will keep you posted.


Denise said...

I am so happy to hear such great news sweetie.

Corey~living and loving said...

WOW, Donetta! So much to be grateful for. What a fun post to read. I always enjoy feeling your JOY!

Annette said...

I so hope you get it....I can hear the excitement in this post as well, God is so good to his children, isn't he? I boiled a chicken for enchiladas, saved the stock, and I'm boiling the neck and the rest of carcass, but I ate the gizzard, couldn't help it, but not the liver, I'm going to freeze the stock in a couple of zip lock bags, will that be OK? as long as the air is out, and I cool it some before putting it in the bags?
Love ya~

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