Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love one another

I awoke to the words in my spirit
"Just keep dancing with your umbrella"
It was raining when I woke up. It was wonderful!
The dogs had thrashed the floors , the kids did not let them out again!
So...My darling was fit to be tied over it and I had some doing to patiently let him have his anger over it.

Spring sung broom, mop and vacuum here today.
We each grabbed a corner and took off into a cleaning marathon.
My sweet beloved swept and mopped the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway and the kids bath. He mopped the landing and got on hands and knees to scrub the spots where the dog lays and licks her paws. It was so bad and now it is wonderful.
I detailed the master bathroom and attacked all laundry and hung the last of ours.

I also was able to have an amazing gentle patience and had the children take a piece of pie at a time until the whole of it was tended in each of their bedrooms.
I told them about the woman who had lost the gold coin and how she swept out her whole house and found the treasure.
Off and on Dash would come tag me with a "wow mom look at this treasure...(a Lego or coin or baseball card) I found. I would acknowledge. So when the ill attitudes were tried on me. I remembered a thing I saw on a James Dobson video. I told the kids....

" remember how I told you that I was going to love you so much that I was going to stand up to you if you were too try me. I will not just blow it off if I am tired or upset. I will not get angry because your wanting me to either...I will stand up to you to support you to do what is required of you. I know your not going to like it but I will do this for you because I care enough about you to help you have a good work ethic."

Dash actually said...
"Thank you Mom"...

Of course I almost had to grab my chin off the floor!

Steve fixed hot dogs and fed the kids as I scrubbed the tub.
We all worked hard until 2 p.m.
We were all just worn out!
The shower stall in the master bath is rather a difficult task for me.
It was wonderful afterward to treat myself to a shower in a clean shower stall.

We all took off and went for our first drive in the new truck.
Look at this truck it does not look like a 10 year old truck!

He just looks so right in it.
The 4 runner well...his head hit the roof!
He is 6'4"

The gas gauge is funky...It has a short or a loose connection because when we started out the LOW FUEL warning light came on. I thought it had a half tank in it, but it showed empty we took it to gas it up but it only took 15 gallons.
I looked in the owners Manuel and it hold 28 gallons.
The kids fit great in the back seat.
They really were out growing the 4 runner.

They were really full of the volume
How do you locate the off switch!
You know your tired when happy children get on your nerves.

We were enjoying the beautiful weather, so a stop at a bird sanctuary was in order.
It is a wonderful public park not too many miles from home.
It is a water reclamation sight.

Can you believe that is a 10 year old truck!
Steve and I walked and talked as the children stayed close and wandered very little . We insisted they NOT climb that wall (hahah). They finally relaxed and climbed around and had fun.
Sometimes we just forget that they are special needs kids. I like that :)
The newness of the truck was stressing them. Any thing new stresses them.
I do hope that we are able to have them relax at Disney Land.
I must remember to do the preventatives and the little bag of tricks I learned.
I will accidentally :) add some cloth to cover faces if overwhelm hits them.

It sprinkled off and on on us today.
Cool and the air was sweet with acacia and wildflowers.

They flood this area off and on to reclaim the water to the water table and have a refuge for the migratory birds.
Steve and I are both birders. We were much so before the kids.
Now we are able to reawaken that passion and to teach the beauty to the children.
They can name a many a bird to you if you were to ask them to.

The distant mountain ranges were nice to see. With the rain the air was clear.

This is a look out Ramada.

Just look at that sky!
It was around 68* I think, just a little nip in the air.

I thought to capture some wildflower seed. Steve remarked at it. He said ...
"look at you, most folks just go spend a lot of money and get them grown in a bucket at a nursery.
I think it is so cool how you even think to collect the seeds."

He reminded me to take pictures of them to be able to know what I have growing.
I do hope they take off.

We returned and I took a CD and a book that was the neighbors to them.
I told his daughter of the dash short and asked her if she would tell him so that if we needed to know anything else in order to make a solve of the issue he could please tell us.
Well a ring of the door he was to tell us about the alarm system secret.

About then my charge for the evening arrived and we all had a spaghetti dinner.
Steve and I watched some HULU shows while the kids had a children s table only supper.:)
Afterward the guest had some crafts and we set up the paints. Daddy Man put together some little bird houses I had set aside for this weekend. I did up the dinner dishes.
The children painted and talked, having a wonderful time of encouraging each others artistic charms. I was really a delight to see.
The time was good for them. The little guest was for the FIRST TIME EVER SAFE SHE SAID to sleep somewhere else. She said my tummy does not hurt here. ;} sweet baby.
I do not do sleep overs. My children will not be doing them, this made perfectly clear to her mother. I allowed her to sleep here because I would not have the house stirred so late in the evening for her to return tonight. She will come for her at 8 a.m.

an amazing eye for beauty!

Well all kisses and hugs have been had, giggling girls and a tired boy next door.
When they finally sleep I have baskets to make. It is 9:30!
Wow I am so ready to sleep.

Up from the grave he arose!!!!!!!!!!
It is so true to note here that this is life
Life more abundantly.
That is the whole purpose, he did that we might all have LIFE>>>

This is the Love of the FATHER
that HE would give
that He would give....
His Son too gave
He gave it all...
The final ounce He gave.

So let us then love one another with a love that is not hindered.
Fervent to obey the law of kindness as it alone rules our hearts.


Denise said...

Wish I were there to take a ride in your beautiful new truck.

Amrita said...

Having dogs in the house has its flip side. Ask me. But I can 't live without them.
Steve truck looks great.

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