Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thrusday *Rescue

We are under a heat advisory

Sometimes it is a literal rescue received that is a cause for celebration
This week when the mower actually started for me after 30 minutes the day before and several minutes that morning I whooped and hollered!
I was rescued. The day before I was in a prison of attitude anger and frustration.
The morning it started I was able to rescue another my brother my husband from a task that would add to his long day.

The heat here has been a bit of a torment.

Skill and effort with means caused for me to conclude a week long job of tinting our East and West facing windows.
With job done and some effort I was freed from the agitating stress of a messy dining and living room.
This has been tinkered with, I am in the midst of re organizing the decor.
Some rescues are at our own hand and choice.
We often hold our selves captive through inaction's or plain overloaded work schedules.
See the difference it makes it has a rating of 77% heat block.
This is a W-SW facing door on the patio.

Tools of the trade of Window tinting

The back door needed a layer of reflective film.
This is the corner guide. It holds the corner so trimming can be successfully achieved.
The tinting will save us from the heat infiltrating the house.
It is a good investment at apx $6. a window.
You can actually feel the difference of the heat on the window.

The Lab approved...
I avoid use of the dogs names for a reason :)

Many years ago I saw a wonderful old painting that was 6x8 if it were an inch. I loved that painting. This a gift to me last week by a friend.
It is amazingly beautiful.
The photo does not do it justice.

This was a wonderful day of friendship for me, as my dear friend came.
I saw us doing our nails. How is that for a fun girly thing to do.
As moms to rescue our hands from the busy neglect we sat and had
sweet chocolate coffee with soy milk.
It was so nice. We first did a hand treatment and then came in and sat down to a manicure. I painted her nails.
I have never done that for someone before. It was cool!
We spoke at length.
My dear friend was a hospice councilor years ago before adopting her kids.
Our kids are close.
This morning I received a touching e-mail that may be followed by a phone call from a mother who is at bed side of a dieing child.
Debbie here today...rescue us Lord with your knowledge, your provision.

She made a wonderful suggestion

Have the ailing write out specific instructions as too her wishes.
This lets the Mother off the hook so to speak.
It is a painful thing to have a power of attorney
Someone will always be unhappy with you.
There you are doing the most difficult thing a Mother could do and having to also deal with the emotions and feeling of others while your own are rampaging, yet you have to function.

My friend also told me about hospice.
You do
have to have a DNR for them to help
The rescue of receiving the help is a freedom of a heavy weight.
This will help the family .
Most folks do not understand that.
Hospice is simply there to support the family.
They are not the grim reaper.

At the end of our visit our rescue is this that each of us with the nails painted hands nurtured will pray foe each other this week for we will only have to look at our hands to think of those things on each others hearts.

I will be doing our Moms in Touch via the phone so when they are at her table I will stop and join them here.
My plate is gratefully full
Discovered is a way to have my cord of three strands
and join in prayer with them too.

I just pulled a loaf of bread out of the oven
it smells divine


Serendipity said...

That's a lot of work done! Is the tint easy to fix? I've been wanting to get my west facing windows tinted but I'm not sure I can trust my shaky hands to do the tinting myself LOL. But it's definitely much cheaper than paying for it to be done.

Denise said...

I love, love, love you.

Just Be Real said...

Putting tint on is truly not easy. I remember trying to put film on my windshield of my car. What a bear. Still, you did a lot!! Thanks for sharing. Hot hot hot, I can understand!

Rita T. said...

Beautiful post.

Angie said...

You are FULL of great ideas!!!

BTW...pretty hand! AND I sure wish I had a slice of that hot bread with butter please!

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