Friday, August 28, 2009

Hard Drive Crashed

My computer died last night.
I am on one of the kids.
This machine does not have full capabilities.

Dear Serendipity...

I will try to do a more detailed post on the window tinting.
There were some good tricks I learned after doing so many of them.
Keeping the film very wet and the window very wet is so important.
It the sticky side of the film touches it is nearly impossible to save it.
By they way...
the bottled spray that comes with the kit for $5 is just a few drops of dish soap (just see that it is a plain dish soap nothing fancy) and water just a heads up for I would of spent considerable money just keeping it filled :)

I have a free day...
well laundry and kitchen and week end food prep.
Other wise free.
For me that is low work load.
I will have to do a time line of life events for the EMDR on Monday.
So If you do not mind keeping me in thought and prayer I would appreciate it.
Going over event history can be difficult to say the least.
The hope is to use the EMDR to reprogram the neuro path ways to stop the memory lock ups. The human brain is such an amazing thing.

I also will be working on my great nephews nursery.

My nephew committed suicide earlier this year. This young man was a very special kid in his early youth Steve and I grew very close and he and I had a special bond.
Knowing the depth of the loss that his mother and sister and the mother of his son to be born I have not allowed my own pain in his loss much attention. It is really very painful however and It is just tearing me up inside.
Working on the nursery and feeling a bit unacknowledged for the loss that I feel has been sorta tough. It really hurts that My nephews life turned into such a desperate end. It is terribly sad. I do not think any of my family really understands the magnitude of his death to me. Funny how it can be assumed that (or seemingly so) that his loss does not effect me. How could it not. Time spent with someone or time simply on the outskirts of an others life does not differ the depth of love that I feel for this boy (man). In my mind and heart he will always be the heart of who he was not the man that his choices and life caused him to become.
So now a beautiful young single woman will bear a fatherless appears that it may have been all in his confused hopes that his absence would of been better for his children's lives. In his mind he had become convinced of this hopeless of being able to offer them a future.

Oh please my friends choose wisely.
The choices we make will have a greater effect on the lives around us than we perhaps could ever understand.
In this great epic we are but a line in the story .
Yet a well written line can change an epic for all of time.
It can turn the end into a completely different story.

May my life be a well written line in the vast epic of time.

So I close a little saddened but not dis heartened
Thanks for the kindness of friendships.
I will try to get back on this machine later in the day.
Have a wonderful day thinking on those that you love.
Be a well writing part of the greater story today.


Susie said...

I am sorry to hear about your woes.

Denise said...

Sorry about your computer sweetie.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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