Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How can it only be tuesday!

Dove and I had a date on Saturday to just spend time. It was really a very good time of conversation. I was able to stop at a Ross and get her three t shirts and a pair of boots yes boots...she really wanted them. They were really cheep too. I also found a little set of top and leggings at Wal-mart. We had a Mc D and really found the intimacy dear and fun too.

Oh the things that can occur in a few days time. Like a huge balloon with all the stuff inside and the air must just keep getting pumped in to extend latex...Hoping it will still hold and not burst.

Last night Dash had his date with me postponed. Dove had a Band gathering of schools at the high school. Many masters played the wood winds and percussion it was a nice little concert for the kids to get a little excited. Then the instructors took the kids with like instruments into various room of like instrument. Dove had four in all kids with two high school students and an adult master who was amazing! All four kids were shown how to do the basics and the care of the horn...french horn that is...

So Dove gave Dash her weekly allowance to over come her error of not informing us of the event and having to break word with Dash to have his date with mom. Her idea.

So we set Dash and I for this evening...but when we got home last night saw that tonight was the other band meeting! So again Dash set aside his time with me. I was able to get home in time to have him come and do an hour date. He called it his half date with me. I took him to a Target and got the school pants and 2 t shirts and a pj set. All the same amount as Dove had spent on her. It was nice to actually get a few clothes for them.

Steve had overtime and also a side job last week. It is now for him to get time to get himself some shoes and pants. Needless to say money in money out. Needs met.
A special gift for the yard is an arbor found cheep this will be for the grapes in the fall. I stopped and got some groceries too. We found the cute fabrics for the nursery as well. It is good to be able to let go a little. Alas my shopping days are done for a long while. The gas for the truck is filled so all that running around is finished! Except Dash and I have our other half date :)

This afternoon the mess! Oh the homework area was thrashed...why you may ask...
well I took a nap! For a half hour I felt like I was a log in a stream. It was awesome except in that half an hour we had 3? phone calls...oh well...

Tomorrow I get to stay at home...Ya!

I had stopped for gas in the truck on the way and the truck stalled as I was getting on the freeway...I was holding up traffic and I turned on the hazard light...tried and tried...then I put it in park hahah it started right up and I was off.

Today I had a very nice time at my sisters, then we went to the fabric store...
We went back to her home and had a nice yet all too short a visit.

I Left my sisters had to stop at the music store for a book for Dove.
Then the Big Lots to return the pencil sharpener ,
Decided to go ahead and I accepted the arbor and loaded it up.

It was %50. off!
and a very very good price at even full price.
Dropped the arbor off...
got back in the truck and got the groceries...
got home the kids walked in 15 minutes later as I was hanging up with my darling on the phone...

nap if you can call it that...
made supper
crammed supper down our gullets
went to the band meeting ...
came home
did not even get out of the car...
Steve grabbed the french horn out of the trunk...
Dash loaded in...
Dash to target...
Dash home ...
back to target arg!
I left my debit card on the sink when I changed clothing.
Back home.
Misunderstanding...Steve thought I said I spent $50. on a pair of pj's....")
kids brushed and bedded
I sit and breath....

Now you only had to read it...
I am staying home tomorrow...
garden,laundry,cooking, cleaning...
of course a play date after school...
night out with Dash...
Thursday a friend is coming over we are looking so forward to our time together this is a real treat...
She even got a sitter for her 2 yr old.

So it looks like Thursday evening...me time.
I need to set an appointment on Friday.
Sewing, beading leather work and tooling
cooking cleaning laundry you get the idea...

oh the wheel does turn and time is a vapor.

When school starts every moment gets spent.


Corey~living and loving said...

girl....you are so busy. blows my mind. :) hope you have a great day at home tomorrow. :)

Susie said...

Yep...time spent with no spare change.

Amrita said...

Having dates with your children is so special. One day they will bless you for these times

Annette said...

busy, busy, busy gal!
When children are in school our lives do seem to get shifted into 5 gear! I had to giggle about the truck, sorry, but I did that once when I had a stick shift, stalled at the lights and the cars where just honking, making me that more nerves, then it dawned on me...our momma minds just get stuck in one gear and there it stays until something as little as putting us in park or neutral starts us back up!

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