Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spiritual Sundays

singing birds
Good Mid Morning here and to all of you

It is just shy of the noon hour actually...

Time with my daughter.
Yesterday Dove and I drove to the home of her little friend who has recently moved to the other side of the valley.
We drove across the valley and she opened her heart up to me about a little one who again spent her Friday night at our home.
Dove has become well ...her name sake...
The little one showed up at my doorstep!
The grandpa had dropped her off...I was so very upset because NO ONE had called me.
The girls had asked if? and with great expectation the child packed a bag and left it in her grandpa's truck...well after my boundary set that it would not be happening unless I spoke directly with the Mother and the child was taught that my concern for her was that we all knew where she came known the mother had given permission to the child but had not bothered to call me and confirm...

here is the spiritual part...

I was speaking on the phone to my sister who also was a single mom during those child rearing years she had heard the beginning of it as I opened the door to the little girl standing there with bag in hand...

I had returned the call to her with my complain in open dialogue I was a bit miffed.

She taught me.
She taught me what it is like as a single mom how she might feel less than...I thought economically .
She told me "oh no it is the quality of mothering she would compare...a single mom can not offer the child the same as I can and that it is so hard to hold every detail when your hours shift around like the sun and the stress is so high every moment.

Compassion for this child's mother filled my heart where moments before criticism and ignorance was spilling over the brim.

I left a message on the cell of her mom, who is not allowed to use a phone until her shift is over at risk of loss of the very income that is fought for...
She returned call and the dear woman who is just now 6 week along and terrified at 33 years of age of the horrible pregnancy of the past recurring. ..I was able to speak personally about anxiety attacks and suggest helps. For she is crippled with them.

I thought of little Heather the child who lived two doors down so many years ago in our old neighborhood. Who her mother was out of her mind in the shower after the death of ....Heather was safe with me and Steve.

Well anyway.
Even though I understand suffering.
I had become a judge!
How dare I even become so religiously pias as to think that she was anything other than a child of God who needed kindness...
The Mother and I spoke of things for almost and hour!
She opened her heart where she had never before told...
I assured her that if ever she needed me or needed a safe place for her daughter I was here to hear.
Now there is the HOLY spirit.

This Sunday I am standing humbled once again by the Holy Spirit.
The councilor of my soul.

On the drive with Dove we spoke of the child's (Friday's sleep over) cares and worries.

On the way home from the other little girls home we spoke also of the woes of her life and family.
Dove grew in years of wisdom on that drive home.
We had and impromptu Mother and Daughter shopping trip and supper together.
My Daughter opened up to me and shared her heart.

After all that my Dove came to understand she lay on the sofa to sleep.
We had watched what we were told a wonderful movie with her friend and mother at our was Phantom of the Opera...yes I know now but I was caught ignorant there at the moment.
Steve told me it was a horror movie.
I had no idea!
We watched the first half and the mom spoke so highly of the voice for the opera singing was amazing but the plot of a child held in false belief that a stalker was an "angle of voice".
Oh Now I have gained insight... into this trouble I witness and could not quite understand.
The Spirit is so clear apposed to the deception of the darkness...
The calling evil beauty for the sake of entertainment.

Well Dove was on sofa bothered by all the day the friends struggles and the movie thiem...
Oh yes I could wrap her in cocoon and not expose her to the world around her so that at 18 she could be consumed by it while standing ignorant or As I believe is allow life to expose her to gain the wisdom and knowledge of how to interpret and overcome evil with good within my shelter and her fathers covering.
Dove and I lay long into the night my sweet 12 year old who asked such deep things and who learned who I am more deeply as to understand and respect even more the reasons why I have the limits and boundaries in place around her and her brother is for her and to keep her and provide a safe haven for her and for others.

She laid there holding my hand for two hours or so and loved. Well love flowed between us as if years were no matter and all there was was Gods presence and wisdom in that LOVE
That Spirit of comfort and the power of all that will keep her all of her days.

8 comments: said...

You did so good! You have an over flowing heart!! I am so glad you could help them!! Hugs Grams

Charlotte said...

So many times we are quick to judge without knowing the facts. Thank you for sharing the lessons you learned. I'm glad you could be helpful to the little girl and her mother as well. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings,

Clif said...

Very interesting. You are a good story teller. Thanks for the lesson in caring and not judging.

enchanting cottage said...

What a wonderful story. I'm sure This too is how your daughter will be when she is a mom.
Beautiful story thank-you,

Anonymous said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways and he was working through you! God Bless You!
:) Karyl

Denise said...

Such beautiful lessons of life that teach us things that no book can..... HE teaches us HIS love and deposits it in our hearts in the most amazing ways....... What a heart you have!!!!!!!

Denise said...

I love your precious heart.

Susie said...

Great lessons:-)

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
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• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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