Friday, May 1, 2009

Art Master Piece

A bit of a vent here.
I am so...struggling with the shades of anger here.
I just got a call from the lead over me in the volunteer service from the public school. She too just a person a mom of a student.

She began The call with ...."I will be picking up all the art prints next week...This will be the last week." no greeting or salutation at all!

I Said "oh hi S----, how are you? I did leave those in the class rooms and the material is in the box in the copy room... Oh, I will be interested in serving next year"

she then continued with " well I had an issue that you need to stick to the guide art projects...and the time limit must be adhered too." I never did an in class room art project. I did encourage them to explore art on there own time and passed out a paper one day of a flower. The one teacher gave them back to me, I did not expect her to and was surprised. Now Dash's teacher she was only ever Not hostile feeling on the very last visit".

"oh, say I, was there a problem?...Who had an issue?"
Wanting to apologize to the offended. Perhaps problem solve would be a timer next year?

She said "that is not important the important thing is that you stick to the guide lines that is why they are in place."..........

I told her..."I am not offend it is just that I was unaware there was any issue. The teachers have asked of me to continue and to stay"

She said "That's fine for those teachers. Well there was a issue , and that is why the guide lines are in place.

"All right well thanks for letting me know...See you next year..." say I

good by..was her reply!

Not a thank you or anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have gone out of my way to offer service for several months at the sacrifice of my own family and home by choice and the lack of acknowledgment...well I guess that is my issue that it is an offense to me...I am human.

Makes me wonder 1) either I am her kicking dog 2) perhaps someone used her for a kicking dog.
3) she is a well shall we say...a dark soul! (cant see her soul) all right to be fair...her behavior was dark!

The children and the fondness they show is thanks in full true, but really!

How well can you keep volunteers if you treat them like that!
Oh that's right I was the very last hold out, perhaps only one other person had prints in class rooms last week...That might just explain that.

I was so angry!!!!, and ya know that is alright I was just treated with rudeness and offensively. Now I have some work to do not to allow this hostile feeling to germinate. I want to just tell those two teachers off for not telling me if there was an issue.
I am humiliated and embarrassed too. I think she shamed me...Interesting I see it now. Well shame on her. That is not right to treat anyone with that as your power tool.

Did I error so badly because it is hard for me to keep time and talk to 28 kids at the same time.
I think I am hurt. I think I need to get a really good grip:}

I called Dash's teacher and left a message declining to demonstrate the painting with oils next week. I said it was not part of the Art Master piece and that I would not want to use up her valuable class time.

Now watch it was probably that other teacher who had an issue. You know what though I am not going to even put myself in that position. I wish I would of pulled my son from her room like I wanted to at the first of the year. I am sure there must be some grater purpose here but I am not enjoying it and neither is Dash.
I better shut up and cool off.
Wow how hard it is to accept critique when given so poorly.
I am working through to keep my hands clean and my heart pure.


Denise said...

I am so sorry sweetie, that is not right the way she treated you. I love you.

Photo Princess said...

You need to hear that you did an absolutely awesome job. I admired you for taking on more than one class. I only do one class and that is a load for me. You don't be discouraged dear friend you did everything right! I hope you have a wonderful weekend keep up the good work ;)

Denise said...

Offenses is one of the biggest introductions to bitterness and a root of anger..... You have done well and YES YES YES .... keep your hands clean and your heart pure.... I find that a lot of this type of thing comes from a spirit of jealousy. So.... allow the spirit of the Lord to soften the blow of the hurtful words.........

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