Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

What a wonderful thing it is to have a husband who LOVE GOD! A man who longs for His presence...I have a wealth a treasure here on this realm here that is unmatched in that.
How sweet to long for every moment I have with him, as well as with HIM.

In the morning I have to rise and shine...yet it is by choice that I shine.
I like having that choice, feeling the warmth of making it. How awful it would be to be forced into shine. Forced to buff and polish, to rehearse and pretend. I OH I am so rich in this freedom.

I spent the most of my day de-cluttering my sewing table and cutting table. The beading desk and floor swept. Clearing this creative space I am so honored to have. Getting ready for the hot weather here is to prepare to be and do indoors.

Today a big job done.
This is grand central.
A wonderful cart that my MILove blessed me with.
It is very handy.
The white binder is my brain on steroids :)
Having a garden is a science in many types of bioligy.
So I am keeping the findings of my studies and research contained here.
I list what I have planted and where.
I am going to collect seed to continue to grow heirloom plants.
This binder has so many topics it covers
goal setting
homemade cleaners/soaps
bread baking
water harvesting
bla bla bla :}

On the cart is a place to be able to keep the binder open on a daily basis
The recipe box
the garden enciclopedia
My box of cards and also a file for each kid
Parental study, child developmtal information.
I keep my old budget sheets as well for reference

Lettuce and beans picked 4 strawberries to adorn the desert plates picked. An egg and beans.
My hens not liking the heat or perhaps needing some tender care are slowing the egg production. I must have at least 4-5 cups of cherry tomato in the bucket today...All I have need of. Spaghetti and salad tonight.

Two day harvest!

My loving children came home today in an out raged panic...a second grader who is a neighbor kid (he and his brother have been found waiting out front on several occasions) was going to be home alone for an hour because the 5 th grade brother could not come home with him. My kids were incensed!!!!!!!!! "Mom it is not alright Mom help him" ....of course I grabbed him a water. Being locked out of a house here is not comfortable, our heat is hard on a soul. As is being unattended when you are only 8 years old! I was not sure if the parent knew or not. So off we went. The child did not answer the door (a comforting thing). The neighbor nest door verified that the kid was an occupant of that house. He said he would keep an eye out for him. A police officer lives between the two homes. So off we went unable to much more than that.

To see Dash and Dove so passionate about the safety of a child thrilled me.

We went to the Roller Rink and left a deposit for Doves Un-birthday party. We are holding it for her before the school year ends this year. We have a coupon good for 30% off of the thing. Pretty cheep party. In an air conditioned place too. I had Dove make the decisions and interact with the sweet young woman. Making her responsible is so important to her abilities. It is also fun to give her the power of choice within my boundary.

Stopped to get my medication, You know that a neighborhood is a wonderful thing. For it I am so grateful. To go to a store and be known and fondly thought of. It is so wonderful. There is a wonderful, beautiful, woman who is full of light that tends the register at the pharmacy. I love exchanging light with her.

We kids and I stopped at the grocery for a gift to bring to an evening with a friend. My children amaze me. Knowing that this friend recently tried wine I though to gift her a bottle to bring something to the evening of movie watching and gab session.

As I walked down the wine isle my kids were appalled.
"Mom why would you want wine..? Your not sad...
You know mom... that it is the sadness that makes a desire for the wine Mom".
I stood astonished at the wisdom within them.
I thought of the passages the ones of the same truth.
I taught them these things over the years.
They have never said anything about wine or such, not that we have it often.
This was different though, profound in the commpasion for my friend.
I did not correct them, nor try to explain the relax therory.
I just supported the wisdom they displayed.
A much bigger lesson.
I bought some chocolate for the movie.

I am sitting here in a space that is cleaned of clutter.
Much relaxed as I darn the sock, Milky the kitty needs a stitching up, as does happy holidays
(a little dog) and empty that little basket on the floor.
Dove and Dash are listening to the story with the Daddy Man
Supper is done, left overs secured.
Me time.
I'll come and visit


Denise said...

I love Dash and Dove more and more. They are so precious.

Susie said...

Love that binder!

~Bren~ said...

I LOVED this post. What a wonderful way to enjoy my coffee this morning....visiting with you as you share your heart!
I too, love that binder!!!...and those kids. You are an amazing mom, you know that, right?

LAURIE said...

Great TT post! I love the idea of de-cluttering ... now that is truly something to be thankful for! -blessings, Laurie

Annette said...

I love your children, now if every parent could raise their young'ins like you our world would be a great place.... and your just as beautiful as your children, I love your heart! Dove has already had her birthday? I wish I knew how to roller skate, never learned how, maybe because as a child I was "chubby" and was afraid of the other children making fun of me, but I go to roller skating parties, just never roller skated. your AWESOME!!!!!

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