Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disney last day Part Five 4-21-09

There is nothing as sweet as baby feet.
My baby is 8 now.

The family had one last good breakfast as Daddy Man filled the car up with gas, and fetched some fancy "white" duct tape.
funny seeing that white duct tape blend in with the paint took the sing away.
He met us as I was finishing up the kids plates.
I made him a waffle and finished up a bit of breakfast for myself.
We all went to the room and the kids got ready for one last swim

My Darling told me that after the four days parked that the car was a bit ripe!
Well after some investigation...sure enough there was a wet pair of Dash's pants from the beach on the floor of the back seat...
I worked on the car while they swam, to get it ready to load.
Check out was not until 11 A.M.

After a few trips to the trash I had it about ready to load and I parked it over nearer the elevator.

I went up to the room and loaded everything onto the "big bed".
Unloaded the refrigerator, and filled the suit case with all the dirty laundry.
I staged the stuff to load including the snacks for the road trip home.

Then it hit me!
What am I doing?????????
My baby's are growing up so fast and I am working in the room.
While the Daddy Man is enjoying them.
So I donned a suit and determined that I would play with my kids!!!!!!!

While I was packing I found the ball I had purchased at home to give to them.
I blew it up on the way to the pool.
They were happy about the ball and we all played catch.
Dash is so thin that he was only able to do the hot tup.

So we played a game of three way catch.
It was a lot of fun.

This was my favorite time I think of my vacation.

Laughing and just playing with the children.

Life at home can get too busy sometimes with all the duties.
I really want to strive more to play.

We all went up and the kids showered while I worked like the madd hatter to get the gear packed in a hurry.
All the while in a soggy suit.
Then at the last moment I got to shower.
I balled my eyes out over the stress of the trip.
The reality of Dove's needs.
It was very good for me.
Daddy got a Luggage cart, and the kids carried it all to the car.
I Can pack a moose in a peanut butter jar...:)

We checked out and left a few more thank you notes to the staff via the comment box.

So the car set for travel we bid good by to the hotel.
After a long..........
7 hour car ride we were home at the life we all love.
Critters alive, garden well and pillows awaiting us.

School was to be attended the next day, the Honda to be attended to the claim.
I had a dentist appointment at 8:30 a.m.

My Darling attended a half day of work....

Back in the saddle again riding into the sunset of our lives...
and loving the trail


Denise said...

Your children are truly blessed to have you my friend, love you.

Amrita said...
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