Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This bread baking, garden loving woman.

It was a good thing to be home today.
The service time in Doves class room was put off today.
I was tired and needed to nest and feel the earth.
Time in the garden is good for me.
Kneading bread is humbling too, so good for time in prayer.

The girls in the coop needed some new turf so I did some of the dung from the dogs and moved the hutch to greener lands. The chickens were very happy at this. They were enjoying a nice sit in the moist green grass that was high to them. then I mucked the coop and got the treat of petting Maybell and Prissy. They gave 4 eggs today. The new saw dust made for a nice place for the hens to come investigate. They are very curious birds.

Time in the garden gave way to my first salad.
Now that was just!!!!!!!!!garden salad

bread to bake
Today I tried a new thing or two.
Olive oil in the bread
Honey to sweeten it.
The yeast LOVED the living honey.
It was a good time to make bread today for we are low on the sliced loaf.
It is good to do the recipe and just make two of the loaf and then other things to fill in the menu.
This was a joy to wash my
living foods. Several little life forms took a swim down the pipes as the life in it is a testament to gardening organically.
The beauty of
organic earth in my sink.
The simple pleasures.

12:55 a fast lunch and out the door looking well lived in
this vessel of clay and flour. :)

At this point I had a commitment to attend
"Moms in Touch", for intercession. As much as I did not want to exit the estate...I am so very blessed to have done so. We three come together one mind one heart and one purpose.
In joint prayer it is the least lonely a human can be on the earth.

Upon my return!

Gently I kneaded out two loaves for sandwich bread.
Then I had an idea...Oh ya!

Alteration from traditional Cinnamon Rolls
Brown sugar was used, butter and my trick to charm the heart a bit of clove.

The baking center is awesome.
Everything is so much easier.

My happy yeast was so excited by the brown sugar.

Bread sticks with herbs De France and garlic salt.

While all this was baking I set the task of securing the tomato plants from the dumb (to smart for my good) dog!

How is that for a ridiculous menagerie!

The chair covers were my inheritance when my first dad died.
I really do not want them out in the sun like that.

Man I hope I get to harvest these fruits.

Speaking of fruit.
The fruits of my labor.
Yet the dishes call you know oh boy howdy do they call!
A simple frosting of powder sugar , vanilla and soy milk was drizzled on the rolls.
Yes they were very very good! :)
Danger...step away from the roll...
Melted butter was drizzled over the bread sticks.

A real "garden Salad"
I did it!
after a lot of hard work and persistence I grew a salad!
Made the bread and served it all with spaghetti marinara.
Note the harvet of strawberry was four of them. Just enough to adorn each plate!


Denise said...


Susie said...

You are my hero!

Amrita said...

Wow Donetta I am full of admiration for you. Ilover cinnamon rolls.

~Bren~ said...

WOW I am so impressed. What an accomplishment. Your bread looks amazing!! I use olive oil all the time but have never used honey...I will need to try that.
Now the cinnamon rolls look great!!!! I bet your family was blessed beyond words!!

Annette said...

Now that food looks delicious!!! and the presentation of it looks very pretty, so colorful! I could taste those cinnamon rolls and I even think I smelt them!!!!

Denise said...

Girl friend, you make me want to be a better wife!!!!!! Everything is so pretty and wonderful and you make it look soooooooooooooo easy..... I need to dig in the dirt and knead the bread and plant the tomatoes and lettuce, and plant the strawberry plants and build the chicken coop and tote that barge and lift that bail !!!!!!hahahhahah YOu ROCK..... now how old are you? hahahahah My 62 year old body cannot keep up just READING what you are doing! You go Girl

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