Monday, March 23, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Hello, This is the thing that has been on my heart to do...just for me.

My sweet husband noticed that my light was flickering and so for one of the gifts of recent he replaced the bulb for me.
I became inspired to care about my pleasure in baking.
Now that bread baking is a weekly task,
and I am noticing how disorganized my steps are this needed to be addressed.
I began by reclaiming the two drawers the one on the right had all the misc lids in it.
The one on the left held office type things and just misc junk.

One the right is now my Kitchen Aid Mixer parts.
With the large parts underneath in the box.

Lunches are now a normal daily occurrence and has been for several months. The savings is fantastic. However early morning sleep girl I am had a mixed up process. Now it will be much more stream lined and
With the Salt Box hung, the rolling pin here and both mixers a baking center is established.
The flour grist mill is on the far left. The heavy duty mixer next to it, and the canisters with needed daily supplies near. I am moving these ingredients out of the pantry.

Far left drawer begins its collected items...
Now it is ready for mixer use, and biscuit making as well as the napkins near the kitchen table.

Far right began to formNow
it has come together...
All measure, scoops, and hand made wooden mixing spoons at the ready.
Also funnels for canning, and pastry knife. I have a bit more to do here.

Below far left is all the baking pans, trays and cooling racks.

This has come together as well. The mixing bowls, rolling sheet, mixer and plastic.
Lids in large baggies separated and boxed, the kitchen aid box. and the cake pans that I do not hang up.
Above is the canning jars at my ready (they were out of reach above the refer), small plastics for lunches and recycled jars too. This is two sets of China, one is inherited and the other the china of my youth. These are serving dishes and such. Punch cups for the big punch bowl.
Upper left
Sifter (no more bending to dig it out of the other corner, measure cups (some are in the sink) and storage for the sandwiches of lunches. Tins with the cup cake papers, candles for cakes and some cake stencils, cookie cutters in the tin, and jello molds in the other big tin (they are antique, inherited). Above are the pie plates, chopping cups and the spring release pan.

no more tool drawer
He has a shop for tools!

Now in center, towels for morning lunch making, baggies (no more going back and forth to the pantry) all the decorative small cutters for pies and cakes. The cookie press and a salt shaker.

By and by these will have
Flour, sugar, brown sugar for dusting, baking powder (the jar is being washed) and soda. Yeast in the small one.
These jars have been collected over many years they are very old.
I have never been able to enjoy them like this before.

I will most likely tweak it a bit as I use it.
Less foot falls more time to play in the garden :)

So as for Tuesday...

There is Bible study
4 classes of 28 kids to present
Art Masters to
Fetching the chicken scrap
Shopping a little
making beans
Doing a bit of baking
Home work with the kids
unpacking some more
organizing too.


Mommy said...

WOW! You have been busy! It sure does look more efficent now. Good job!

I also make bread too. And grind my own wheat. It was nice "meeting" you!

Denise said...

That looks awesome.

Michelle said...

WOW! You wanna come over and do mine next?

Susie said...

Those are AWESOME tackles:-)

Jennifer said...

Wow - what an awesome space to have! I would love to have a "baking center"! Looks like it will work well for you. Great job! And looks like you have a very busy day ahead! Have a good one!

Lee said...

This looks so good. You've been busy.

Rhonda Jean said...

Beautiful! That's great organising and I'm sure it will make a great difference to how you work in your kitchen.

I send my best to you and your family.
Rhonda Jean

Beginner said...

You are a girl after an OCD organizer's heart.

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