Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend review

Number of zeros U.S. & scientific community Other countries
3 thousand thousand
6 million million
9 billion 1000 million (1 milliard)
12 trillion billion
15 quadrillion 1000 billion
18 quintillion trillion
21 sextillion 1000 trillion
24 septillion quadrillion
27 octillion 1000 quadrillion
30 nonillion quintillion
33 decillion 1000 quintillion
36 undecillion sextillion
39 duodecillion 1000 sextillion
42 tredecillion septillion
45 quattuordecillion 1000 septillion
48 quindecillion octillion
51 sexdecillion 1000 octillion
54 septendecillion nonillion
57 octodecillion 1000 nonillion
60 novemdecillion decillion
63 vigintillion 1000 decillion
66 - 120
undecillion - vigintillion
303 centillion

I knew that you too....would want a 6 a.m. Math lesson. Then of course it was off to forms, cube cylinder, rectangular prism (a loaf of bread and the Kleenex box). Of course you all must understand that the Christmas tree is a cone (if all the little poky things were smooth).


Life with an intelligent child begins at the crack of dawn around here.

"If its flat its flat and you call it a shape like square...see "he said... as he drew the outline of a die.

Good Morning!

So both kids are home sick and the day is on it's way. With a home day planned around here It is just as well the rest. We have a virus that passed from Dash to Dove. Upper respiratory.

Dash is hiding he said the flash hurts his eyes. I always think about the eighth nerve thing. I wonder if that is why the flash hurts him.

We had a very busy weekend.

On Saturday...

I awoke to the reality that Dash was still not doing well.

We had to call in for a new inhalator for I had realized the day before that the vial was outdated.

I needed to mail order the medications and was very mad at myself that I had not completed it. So Mr U. had me call in a Rx that he wanted to go pick up so he could shop around on the prices. We normally use a Walgreen drug store ,but we have found that they are price gouging . So he did not want to just call it in to a drug store. He wanted to go get the hard copy as to call around and shop for it. By the time we pulled up to the pediatrician we decided to see if we could get Dash a walk in appointment. We were within 5 minutes of them closing the doors . We got him in under the wire! The Doctor is wonderful! We were given a inhalator until this one gets filled. It is small and will be good for in my purse for him. He also gave us a very expensive portable device to take the place of the controller that we give him at night through the breathing machine.

Giving Dash the steroid through the breathing machine is a much safer way to control his asthma and keep his growth normal.
The Doctor said Dash was recovering from a virus and that he was alright as long as we had the inhalator with us.

The family stopped by our old neighborhood and played a little ball together.

Just long enough to quench the enthusiasm for life that was leaving us all a little thirst. We did not want to over do it. When hunger hit, we all left for home.

My son LOVES! to climb fences.

Dove asked for a picture here.

Too Cute!

It has become our way to eat all our meals at home or through our own hands. This not only saves a lot of money it also provides us with a healthier lifestyle. I was telling my Beloved. that we need to get a ice chest of pick nick basket down to have at a moments notice for the holiday time. He is off work for many days. From the 19 th to the 3 of January (paid thankfully) . It was mandatory that he take time off or loose the vacation time. That is how seldom we take holiday. It will be a time of family adventures close to home. We need to have snacks with us and easily lunch meals so we are not enticed into the fast food places to squander our monies.

Saturday my Mr and I attack the garage with a fervor. I just could not stand it any more. I now have the truck full of empty boxes and the corner there with three big boxes of donations. We can walk through the garage (at least this side of it ) with ease.
I felt so much better.
Mr U. hung the light while I tackled the last of this.

He found all new lights we had purchased last year and had forgotten. We had a type of cascading lights that were a big problem for him to hang. Now we have the single bulb type. Not as fancy, but he did not seam to mind hanging them so much.
the are pretty.My "Father Christmas" is up.

He is a detailed soft sculpture.

Dash with his Willy dog.
We caught up the Advent calendar. Seven days to open at once.

"A week behind er was I"
The Kitchen decor is out.
Of course we had our battles over the weekend.

Not the least of which was a "two day long migraine" .

I do hope that today will not be the third.

On Sunday

We visited MILove and FILove last night briefly. Just before we arrived it occurred to me that we could not go. We were almost to the driveway and I told Mr U> Noway can we expose her to the possibility of a virus. She too has asthma. No way!

So after a brief visit, where she gave me three more beautiful knit clothes, we left.

On the way home a stop by a nursery where once a man taught me many things. This is Baker nursery in Phoenix. Old man Baker was a generous soul who loved to share his knowledge. He still lives in the house on the 10 acre lot. It was a cool cloudy day here yesterday. We stopped so I could get the seeds to plant in the garden. It was so nice to be able to get heirloom seeds. It is a very hard thing to find here. I knew that he would carry them. Daddy Man and the young ones walked on when I was in the shop getting the seeds. I later found them on a wonderful adventure. They had discovered Old Man backers "TREE HOUSE"!

Oh what fun! They also discovered a tamerisk forest that was inaccessible. I joined them and we had a grand day out. There was a cat intent to catch a rabbit. At the end of our time (gum balls from a quarter machine) we were almost going into the car. Dash had spoken several times of wishing for a ride in the cart that drove the grounds. So...The young lady who had sold me the seeds was pulling up on one and I asked her if....and yes indeed Dash had the desire of his heart met. We all boarded the gulf cart and she gave us a tour (the long was) of the grounds. It was so fun sitting on the back with a child in each arm holding onto them for dear life.

These are not "Burpy" or any other big brand. These are organic heirloom varieties! The packaging is So beautiful to me. The price was not different for the most part. I must get to the garden soon.

The sewing room/studio is kept very busy these days.

We went out to the neighborhood light display and walked around "Bethlehem".

Daddy Man and I were so touched when Dash stopped to read "Luke Passage" form the display.

That child wants a Bible for Christmas...Yes me too. I welled up..." not just a little kids bible mom...I want a real on like yours and Dads." he said.

With birthdays, and Christmas coming quickly I thought a little pin cushion is in order.

A simple whip stitch add 7 beads is the pattern. Antique buttons are used to the center to transform the velvet back in time.

I love making these ,but the do take a lit of time.

I began it last night so I can get it off in the mail soon.

I may have to testify tomorrow for the trial of that DUI case where I put that car into drive and shut it off after finding the driver passed out at the wheel.

My daughter has a nasty cough I better go try to medicate her. The sweet little soul.

Please say a prayer for my babies.

MILove was improving steadily. She was pretty hurt but it was a miracle that it was not much much worse.

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Denise said...

Praying for you, and your dear children. I love you.

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