Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Simple wisdom

Mid Day waxed old and long for me today.
Dove slept in her bed mid day as Dash read and played quietly.
I just had to turn off that noise box (t.v.).
Dash had played me, and I was angry and frustrated.

I also received a call from his teacher who had received the information on Ushers Syndrome from the school psychologist.
I tell ya... I really am finding it, that I have to respect her, because of the office she holds, but I do not like this woman personally.
I spoke at length with the psychologist yesterday at length about both kids.
It is December and this is the first I have had a talk with her.
I assumed she was following my kids.
NOTE TO SELF...do not assume anyone in the intervention circle is really doing what they say they are doing...Never just believe them and let go to catch your breath.
Parents of special needs kids ware 2 hats.
Advocate: We are supposed to learn everything there is to know about our child's disorder and teach everyone who went to university what they should of learned...because few if any will remember what they learned there.
Mother: Contain your emotions at all costs because they will be used against you to judge you rather than for them to be accountable for their own ignorance and lack of empathy .
YES empathy.
You see... your judged as wanting Sympathy and disregarded ! Oh ARG!

Can you tell I'm a bit peeved about Dash's teacher...
So she begins the call,as I answer with...
It doesn't sound like your doing to well...
"it is a challenging morning I have two kids sick,, well one (her student ) that I can't really tell if he is playing me. I feel a bit frustrated about it. "
to her reply..."it can be frustrating... all the kids are getting tired of classes."

She continues to tell me that she read the paper work she received on Ushers and (very defensively) there really isn't anything I see here that I am supposed to do to help him out, or watch out for or anything"
My stress builds...
I start to say... I asked the phycholagist to give you what she pulls up to inform you so that I did not have to again do the research and face the images of those words, deafness/ blindness by adolescence. So why cant she pull it up on her own computer and research it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh no...
I held my tongue and simply said; I am not sure what form you are reading .
To that she was startled that it did not come from me. I then told her that it is hard for me, and that I asked her (the phych) to pass on the information she gets to spar me the weight on my "MOTHER hat".
Again she repeats her defensive stance.
I asked her do you have children? She responded affirmatively; then perhaps you could understand how hard that might just be.
Then she says that it was Ushers 3 that she thought I was talking about ...no ushers 2...(in thought)dip weed if you read the article like you said then you would understand that! Holding my tongue I respond , No it is Usher 2.

Oh mercy!
I get off the Phone with her .Almost in tears of compassion toward my son ...he enters the room...Admits to playing me because he really hates school. The teacher last year was awesome! Well, I suppose it evened out:) Ha
(I'm trying for humor girls)

Feeling alone I reached out to my friend Michele.
She had two comments in passing as I poured out my heart that stilled the frustration of my aching mind (as in 4th day of a continuous migraine)...she said..."maybe it is alright that Dash played me because perhaps he really needed a break...and Kids are resilient and perhaps he will just need to walk through a hard year."

Dash approached me after the wisdom of a friend.
I spoke with him about those two things and told him .
He will have difficulties to face.
This is a part of his foundation.
This is an important year of studies, a time of building his foundations.
He gets it.
Apologizes and admits his error. I explained that it is hard as a parent to do everything right. I made a mistake to let him manipulate me. I told him that I did not want him to do this to me again, (early morning Mommy is not in full function) being a trickster.

Dove is coughing a lot but seams to be leveling off and has stopped going down hill..
Man I feel so lathargiec today. I must be fighting it off too.

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Denise said...

Never forget how very much you are loved my friend.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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