Monday, November 17, 2008

The Simple woman's daybook

November 17th 2008

Outside my window...My son is coming in for a piece of paper as the children have leave to do their homework out on the play structure. The feeders are empty calling me to fill them. The sun is tilting low on the horizon. Shadows ebb and flow over the porch. The golden retriever is getting a drink. My children run in and out for paper and pencil. The Lab is sniffing the ground where the chicken tractor last rested before we moved it this weekend. Baby Rye grass is emerging into an emerald patchy field of a promised lawn of sorts. I can hear my chickens cluck as night fall approaches.

I am thinking...How relaxing it is to write this afternoon. Wondering if my Son is going to behave or pitch a fit for he just bit his poor little tongue.

I am thankful for...The lives of my children. How they have been spared from child labor and a life as someones property. That I could give them knowledge of salvation and of Gods love for them. Also for the gift of America as their country. That they will have a hope and a promise.

From the learning rooms...(if this applies) I read a chapter on gardening in my area. It spoke in detail of soil and compose preparations. I learned that I need to not let anyone walk in the garden even if no plant is there. For it compacts the soil and makes it harder for the deep root formation. If the plants do not have deep root formation here in this desert they will be made vulnerable to the dry weather should it get hot.

From the kitchen...The smell of marigolds is strong. I harvested seed today and they smell very strong. The dishes from the event this weekend are piled up and they have drip dried. It is semi dark for the lights are off. I will make scrambled eggs of my chickens gifts to me over the last week. I have collected 13 of them that makes about 6 normal sized eggs. I am excited about it.

I am wearing...Jeans with a bit of mud on them from watering the tomatoes today. a t-shirt that has a saying on it that says "Behold I make all things new. God himself will be with them, and he himself will be their God." on it and a castle with dogs running along side horses mounted with a regal clothed man and woman. No shoes My glasses and no earrings only my wedding ring .

I am creating...Patience for a child who is testing mine to the limit. So far my example has maintained a level of character that I can be proud of. I just hope I can hang in there he is really a challenge right now.

I am going...To love my children for ever with all that I have. I am going to put away all of the serving dishes that are dried so my life can feel normal again. I am going to consider some earrings for the teacher who asked me to bring specific types. Maybe I'll regroup and bead tonight. I just might overcome this temptation to stop beading except just for myself.

I am reading..." A plan for eating, Energy savings guide, What every 2nd grader should know" and "What every fourth grader should know"

I am hoping...My sons behavior improves or he faces what ever it is that is troubling him so we can work through it. My other chickens start laying soon. My garden survives the aphids that are attacking it.

I am hearing...Concentrated breathing from Dove as she is doing her school work. Silence from Dash as he is giving it a rest. I had to speak my boundaries more firmly. His spoon is rubbing against a bowl as he is hungry and does not want to wait for supper. Sparrows are landing on the feeder and then moving onto the ground as the feeder is empty. A dove just flew close by the screen and it felt as if it could of touched me were there no screen there.

Around the house... My master bedroom is wanting attention. The garden is now in better standing because I made some trellis of string for the beans and peas. The kitchen is nice and all clean. The house in general is in nice shape. It is dim due to the evening hour and we have not turned on the lights yet.

One of my favorite the thrill of moments before my Man walks through I get a racing in my heart. An anticipation of his arrival. Longing to be in his arms I await his presence.
It will be nice to have a happy home, however Dash just keeps it up. Fussing and fitting over every last thing! He does not want to do his homework Me thinks he is trying for the hunnymoon effect where mom loses her temper and says there there and he can get out of it. I am standing strong. Firm but hanging in there, getting flustered.
I really love it when the kids and I are happy when My Man comes home. It is looking more promising now. Home work is almost done.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow I have Bible study and work on the master bed room, Wednesday I work in the class with the 4th graders from 10-noon and the Grandparents are coming to lunch with Dash, Thursday I have been subpoenaed to testify in court as a witness for the state, Beloved stays home to see the kids off to the bus and then will join Dove for her lunch visit. In the early evening my son has his first performance as Johnny apple seed in his 70's. Friday I have the master bed room, chicken coup and what not. I need to throw more rye seed.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...(add your picture here)

Our chickens now have laid 15 eggs In just over a weeks time. I think just two bird of the 6 are laying. We made dinner.
This is the first eggs Of my venture in Chicken rearing!
It is so exciting to me to grow our own food!

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Denise said...

I enjoyed this sweetie.

Denise said...

I love chickens and want to raise some sooooooooooooooo bad....... but we have coyotes and we will have to build something that will keep them out! I think I would love to have some guineas....... I think they live in trees! AND scream at snakes ! hahahhah
Love your list and love how you speak of your children.......Oh the Love of a mothers heart!

Mary said...

So nice to read what you've written in your Day Book. I'm glad that you are growing your own food and that you have chickens. It is a wonderful feeling to excel at something we haven't done before.

Thanks for your kind words on Aunt May. She is resting comfortably under sedation and has been moved to a private room for her journey.


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