Monday, November 17, 2008

Licked my Wounds...

Well, I gave myself and hour after the children left for school to go in lay down and just feel bummed. I thought of something my big sister told me once. She said "I give myself an hour to feel the misery then tell myself , get up now and go on..."
So at about an hour my sweet heart called to see if our Dear Son rallied.
He roused my this morning with a boo hoo about school and just really put it on thick. So finally I told him I heard him, I understood he did not want to go. We (hubby and I ) prayed over him and queried over the reason and there was non to be given . He just felt out of sorts and a bit panicked and afraid. So I had to let him overcome. I could not make it all go away for him.
At last I told the sweet child to stop, I told him I understood and that now he needed to stop whining and bemoaning to me that I had had enough. I was typing to a friend and I wrote that I felt "stressed out". He had read it over my shoulder went into his room and just seconds later came out a new kid! Ready for life and its challenges. I was impressed.
The garden needed some love so I took my soul and my bones out to tend it a while. Pain in my back is a real strain today. It really hurts! Well The pea's and beans are now better tied up. There was a handful of green beans for supper and I grazed the few sweet tender peas the sugar snap variety. No pictures the camera is in the car that Mr U. drives.
The hens gave me two eggs.
There was actually a phone call on the camp trailer out in the drive . The sign caught the eye of the sanitation driver. He may be interested , but Christmas may cramp his ability. We have yet to place an add for it yet. Still it encouraged me.
A call came in from Doves teacher, who much to my amazement was calling to apologize for not showing up to the sale. She asked me to bring in some earrings and she would be interested and wants to buy something. I told her of no obligation and how sweet the thoughtfulness of the call was. So I'll take in a sampling of earrings for her when I go to do the service work in her class on Wednesday.
This Parent at the buss stop offered me a tool to use to improve the images of the jewelry when I photograph it. I do not have the stand alone flash that goes with the tool. so he said "I'll have to come up with another idea then"...He made a project of it! The kindness just brought me to tears as I walked back to the house.
I am close to tears today just rather tender. Needing to clean up the rest of the serving dishes is a weight. So off I go I need to toss that anchor over board to be free of it.
Thanks you girls for the kind words.
Denise, Bren and Amrita. There are days when you blogging buddies just hold me up. Today feels a little like one of those days.
I invested in that show and social. I know that one woman , the one who came on Saturday was here for some spiritual awakening. Don't know if she "Knows" him yet but something I had said wisely really struck her. I mean she just stopped and said she never ever heard anyone say it that way before. It was about the wounds we all have and how much we need to see pass the scrap left behind and look into the hearts of one another. We all have that common need of compassion. There was more to it. It was one of those moments when I knew I made a difference in an others life. So if that was all it was about then her heart was well worth the work. I just got to go finish all the work and get it all put away.

I am week and my back hurts .
I know I am loved and supported in my life.
I just feel wherry of pursuing all my dreams to see them falter. What is life if I stop though. I have to follow my heart, do what I know to do no matter the apparent outcome. God sees the grand picture my view is limited. My "vista" foggy and cloudy today.
Oh Girls , I am sorry .
I would be so a miss not to thank all of you who joined me Friday. Who stopped and got off the wheel and came and played at my house. Supporting me and my dreams and talents. I really did enjoy you. Debbie, Lisa,Trish and the sweet ladies that came from Bible study and the neighbors. It was so kind of you all. It was so peaceful having you here and your presence was a real treat.
As awkward as it was to put my things up for sale you all made it feel so normal.
Thank you.


Denise said...

I am praying you through the fog dear one, love you.

~Bren~ said...

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up." Ecclesiasties 4:9-10
I am there for you sister-friend~

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Please pray for her parents and family
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