Thursday, November 20, 2008

Educating Special Needs Kids Usher Syndrome

My children have the gift of an education.
Even though that is sometimes a battle to fight.
Today I spoke with two authority figures. The principle and Dash's teacher. Daddy Man and I are not thrilled or even particularly happy with the way this year has gone for our son. We have VERY little conversation with his teacher. Each time it is very closed off neutral not cold not hot not even very warm. After speaking with the principle today I felt that we would begin the process of rectifying the situation.
At 5:20 Dash gave me a form that told of his presence required at the play at 5:45!
I arrived shortly there after in the parking lot, just as his teacher pulled up beside us.
She mentioned the issue ( an event witnessed by dash in a bathroom) I had told her trainee about and I told her I needed to speak to her about a different issue when she has a moment. We were a bit early so I told the kids let's go play and let her have some privacy.
She offered to go to the other room and speak with me.
I began by telling her I did not want to see her blind sided. I told her that my husband and I were considering moving our son to another class.
She was polite but not compelling.
I asked her if the microphone was being worn and used during class.
Dash is hearing impaired she gave me the qualified uses of the unit. I was left a little dissatisfied and also understood why it was set aside at times. However for her to say when Dash "needed it or not",... is not her place.
At the beginning of the school year Dash was supposed to have been sent a packet of elevated curriculum (his IQ is WAY WAY off the bell curve) to keep him interested and learning.
This is a HIGHLY! intelligent child that faces the threat of Ushers syndrome.
This is the second reminder I have given her,... her response...they have not sent it..."oh I should give them a call again"... YA THINK!
This school can not offer the accelerated program until he is in third grade(next year or a year and a half if this is the case), They just tested the third graders apparently last week to see who qualifies! When Dash was 6 they(private sector) stopped testing him at the 6Th grade (12 yr old!) level because he was becoming annoyed (emotionally immature in comparison) with them.
This child could begin to go blind or deaf without very much warning.
He is board!
He sits there after he does his work for hours in a day UN challenged!
Apparently his teacher has never read his IEP (individual education programme for children with special needs).
She says she gave him a reading assignment with a couple other children. She spoke of how she also has children at the other end of the bell curve.
So the highly intelligent have to suffer so that she can pull up a child who is low in skill.
His last teacher was savvy enough to use this to her advantage and she would have kids offer each other their strengths.
I have to make a decision if we will be moving Dash. Now the other issue is that she is not wanting to receive any other volunteer until the teacher in training leaves in December. That is 6 more weeks (given the holiday break) and that was not an "I'd love to have you". It was a well you could possibly help out after Christmas. Dash suffers knowing that I am helping so many other children in his school. Yet I am not welcome in HIS class. He would like to see me once in a while. Dove sees me every Wednesday. The upcoming Art Master piece is said to be (she made available) only 10 minutes just before the kids walk out the door. My training said I am to have 15-20 (once every 2 weeks) to present the lesson. This teacher is like she is doing "Me" a favor to present. No show of appreciation for the service rendered. So she tells me we can start then at 2:30 and that she will give me 15 minutes just before the kids get ready to walk out the door. In this she will accommodate me. I told her that the interactions that I had had did not feel very welcoming.

Not real welcoming.
Receive me you receive my son, exclude me , you exclude my son.

Politics ! stinking politics!
My son needs his needs met.
I did not tell the teacher of the reports my son gives me.
I wanted to cover him.
I do need wisdom. Now Pandora's box has been opened. It seams there would be no turning back. Yet he now may desire to stay there so that he does not loose his friends. The Principal will be asking him about what he wants soon.
The big meeting is December 2, at 8 am. Daddy Man is actually thinking of taking off work to attend.


Denise said...

Your family is in my prayers.

Amrita said...

Maybe the teacher is a bit overwhelmed and not eqipped to take all this.Give it some time, try and talk woth Dash. Maybe you can suggest some extra activities for him.

It would be good if he went to a special class with another another teacher.

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