Thursday, September 20, 2007

Car crashes, unconsious woman, stolen mail, police and 650 kids pictures.

Wow What a Morning!
It is no !p.m.
This is right out of a novel!
So I have a rushed (picture day at school) morning and on the way to school I see a car up on the curb with someone at the wheel. So I turned my car around to check on her and I beeped my horn she looks up at me and then passes out. I told my kids to stay in the car. (we were on a very quiet neighborhood street). I go over to her and her foot is on the gas and the car is in drive with the tire holding it from moving. I shifted it into park and turned it off and pocketed the key. I spoke to her and then a wonderful big beautiful man stepped my way with a cell phone. He called 911 and a neighbor came out I told her to grab an umbrella. The woman was in and out of consciousness.

I started to pray over her and the big beautiful man beside me prayed with me! I then sang softly to her for she was very combative when he said that help was on the way. When she heard the sirens she began to get very combative I whispered in his ear that I can not afford to get hurt. I told her I needed to go to my kids. (the neighbor had oped the cars passenger side and the kids had eye contact with me all the time). The Paramedics came and I left them the key and took off.

On the way around the park there was another event, a MAJOR accident with a Mom on a gurney. Two cars badly damaged.

The kids went to school. I returned to stop by where the car was and they were loading her into ambulance. I asked the paramedic and he said she was going to be alright.

So I had a wonderful drive (3 minute) home only to get a call before I even sipped my coffee that Dash needed his picture money. I went to the school post hast and took an extra pair of socks Miss fiction needed. I went to the room where the group photos were being taken to find only a man and his wife there. I told them I had signed up and yet never got a call to help with picture day. After asking them if they needed help they were thrilled. Apparently a misunderstanding occurred and the son of the photographer dismissed volunteers (much to the chagrin of the photographer) I was the only parent volunteer. 650 kids :) It was fun and I was honored to be available to help. The Wife took off and I helped until noon. I saw my kids get the picture taken and the classes of the student body were very well behaved. Only one angry teacher who frankly concerned me ( a time for prayer). Teaching is very hard work!

So Coming home I stopped by the car to leave a get well note and my name and number. When I checked the door I found the car to be unlocked . Try as I might I could not get this car to lock.
So I looked around and far to many important papers, mail and medical records were around the seats and floor. So I decided to secure the property and call 411 to get the home number and let them know I had her things. Well this is where it gets suspicious. 6-7 inch stacks of unopened mail in several names were there in the mix. I at first thought is was only a mother or something so I called the one persons name to tell them that I have there things. The people only spoke Spanish after 5-7 phone calls of goggle interpreter I got another call from them to translate by a friend. I told the interpreter that even though this is bad news God was watching over her so she now knows
Mean while the police have been called and they are supposed to be here any time now to get all this stolen property. The Spanish Woman had her identity stolen by this unconscious, up on the curb, woman driver. Oh I drove back and removed my name and number from her car.

O.K. this is the strange thing. The Man had no shoes on! (If you live in Arizona you understand) a child , a woman sometimes rarely any one who normally wares shoes can go barefoot here the side walk burns feet. Why was he out walking with no shoes on? I gave the key to the paramedic and shook thee mans hand thanking him. I had to get my kids to school so I needed to leave. He stayed there. He thanked me so kindly and lovingly I had chills..

Post script 5 P.M.
The officer just left. The woman behind the wheel had been arrested three days ago. She had been released to a hospital. They arrested her again today for being under the influence of drugs behind the wheel as per my report. I testified that she was behind the wheel with the car running and the key in the ignition. She was the registered owner of the car. She was the person with the 6-7 inch stack of bills from the varied medical facilities.
I wonder ...There was a duck with a pink ribbon... I wonder if she was in grief over a recent diagnosis...? The officer said that sometimes folks have more than one identity. He is going to tow the car. The other name will have a utilities check and perhaps the other family is not involved. I sure hope not. If not I jumped to a conclusion. She may have just been a desperate woman Ill and distressed. I would rather think that be the case. However she could of easily of hit the children on the sidewalks. They were all around waiting for the school bus. I keep telling my kids no matter what we did what was right.


JUST A MOM said...

WELL hello there and are you not glad it is after NOON NOW,,, start yoru day again.

Christine said...

Wow! What a day you've had Oh, my!
You have such a caring tender heart. As busy as I can get I'd most likely wouldn't have stopped for this women, and then gone back to wish her well only to find out she's a criminal.

BTW~Josh said he'd seen you today! Again Wow, 650 kids. That's alot of "Say, Cheese"! How fun!

Hope your evening is less eventfull!

Denise said...

Wow, what an adventure. You are an amazing woman, I love you.

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