Saturday, April 9, 2011

Camomile Harvesting

Hello, I'll do a brief post. My chest (port) is tender. Must limit my typing.
Thank you for the kind hello Amrita, Annette and Linda. Nice to hear from all of you. This week before my strength ran low there was the sweet aroma of Camomile in the garden. We had a heat come through that caused early flower last week. Twice harvested the flowers within two days. Really peaceful and easy. Sitting down is no real hard effort.
 See that onion seed head? It is so cool looking.
 We have been letting the hens out daily now. The Lab is accustom and does not bother them. My lab is so sweet. Stays real close to me now. Right at my side. He is still not allowed in the garden. So he went in the house to the window by the bead center. He is on the other side of that open window above the pipes crying for me. I speak to him and comfort him.

 Using my skirt as a catch the flowers are combed through my fingers and the stem held with the other hand so as not to break it. Only the mature flowers remain in my palm.

 MayBell the hen is helping to stir the compost and rid it of bugs. As does Ruby below. She is a piece of work. Ruby tore out both of the bell peppers this week. Now I understand the meaning and purpose of Chicken Wire. The next garden item on my wish list.

 Moving on to the raised bed this twice picked in two days. It is full of buds for next week. So far a good pint dried.
 Wild things best left wild, life left alone if it means you now harm. I worked around this little friendly fellow. Thanked him for the help to keep flower from bad bugs.
 It is so wonderful life not being afraid of my presence or needing to defend itself either.
Love to have ya all over for a cup of fresh dried Camomile tea. Smells so fresh and wonderful. Nothing like the store bought. It has a fragrance that is rich and full bodied. Not grassy or dull.
Shaken in a fine mesh sieve double check for tiny company it is then laid out on a plate and place in the cooled warm oven till it is dried (24 hour). Shake through the fine sieve again for good measure. By then the life is gone. Funny folks just assume that store bought is free of insect. If so it will be loaded with poison. Some of us rather risk a bit of critter. This batch however is real free of any. It is so important to harvest the day of bud.

Best stop and rest my chest so the needle hole can heal up.

Sweet camomile dreams. I'll come and visit if my arm will let me. Being it's attached to that side :)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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